Where I come from: 

I can’t say that I’ve ever had to write my own biography. Sure, for some specific presentation or speech I’ve penned a couple sentences about a certain subject… but for this? Well, were do I start? What do you want to know? How much do I tell you?I’ve always had an Adventurous spirit. As a child I grew up in a family where we learnt new things and went on new adventures ALL THE TIME.

One of our life defining adventures was a “trip” to Vancouver. I was six years old and I remember arriving in a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and oceans. As a family we felt the pull of the ocean and the music in the mountains. It was without hesitation that this should be the place we call home. And with that, we never went back to our former abode. My parents quit their jobs, sent back movers and we started building a house. Yup, we were home.

I spent every weekend of my upbringing camping through the province of BC. If I wasn’t camping we were out on our boat, exploring what would become my lifelong passion, the ocean. There’s nothing like the ocean. But that’s a whole other series of posts that will come in due time.I think my passion for adventures comes from a combination of my mom and dad. If my Dad was a child in school today there’s no doubt that he’d be diagnosed with ADD and heavily medicated. My dad LOVES exploring, going out to new places, meeting new people and finding new things. Every weekend as a child we were off on something new… often having a variety of hobbies to fit the flavour of the year.

Our adventures ranged from sea dooing to ski dooing, to camping and boating, from shooting riffles to shooting stars. I’m looking forward to documenting some of my favorite memories and featuring them on “throwback Thursdays” on this blog.

My mom has a keen passion to learn new things. She’s an extremely talented woman who can paint, sew and craft like a professional. She’s always looking to try and learn new skills, often finding herself registering for new courses, even if she’s the only one who goes. I have followed in her foot steps and love taking lessons and learning from professionals how to expedite the learning curve and develop my skills in my chosen hobby.

So who am I now?

I’m a proud mother, of which this whole adventure is dedicated to being.

I’m a Girl Guide Leader, and proud to have been with the organization for over 20 years.

I’m a volunteer, often putting my hand up more then I should.

I’m an entrepreneur, as I just officially launched my own Marketing Company: JamiRae.ca

I’m a runner, a snowboarder, a wakeboarder, a hiker, a mountain biker, and so much more.

And this is my next adventure… because every day, an, “Adventure Awaits!”