Every Store has a Story

When you take a stroll through historic downtown Anacortes you are surrounded by a unique combination of old and new that only Anacortes can offer. This popular seaside small town boasts a variety of old historic shops that have been in the community for over 100 years. While you can quickly identify the old antique stores and the new coastal décor stores, the real stories are to be told once you go inside and tour around.

Marine Supply and Hardware Store Anacortes, WA

The Marine Hardware and Supply Store – The Marine Hardware and Supply store is the candy store for boat captains and marine enthusiasts. With a combination of new and used items this store is full from floor to ceiling with all sorts of boat parts and accessories, nautical décor, maps, how to books, and marine hardware. We spent over an hour walking through the store, with something new catching our eye everywhere we turned.

Elsa and Co Anacortes

Elsa & Co – This beautiful décor stop originally started off as a consignment style store with donations being accepted and the proceeds being donated to the community. The store now carries more new décor and housewares but still gives all of the money earned back to the community. Do you have a question? Be sure to ask one of the volunteers, you won’t find any staff members here. What a great way to support the community and provide tourists with a great place to shop.

Johnny Picasso's ceramic studio anacortes

Johnny Picasso’s – We were invited in for a morning of coffee and pottery at Johnny Picasso’s. The children loved picking out their pieces of art of which would start as a blank canvas and they would turn into something magical. The store was more than a pottery store or coffee shop, it was both! It welcomed visitors as they looked for a cup of hot chocolate, greeted locals sitting around watching people or reading the news, and supported skilled artists of all ages working on their next masterpiece. We loved working on the projects together as a family and our crafts made great souvenirs of our trip!

Johnny Picasso's Coffee Shop Anacortes Johnny Picasso's ceramic studio Anacortes (2)

So whether you’re looking to tour through one of the serval home décor shops, check out a local art gallery, snoop through a stack of old books or cruise around looking for a great place to eat you’ll find it all in Anacortes, on Fidalgo Island. Take the time though to ask the story behind the store that you’re visiting, as every person and place has a new treasure to unveil!