Calgary Tower

If you’re a fan of places with a view you definitely have to check out the Calgary Tower. One of my favorite things to do when I’m travelling is find a vantage point to see the city from above and Calgary Tower’s 360 degree view didn’t disappoint! It was a beautiful sunny day and we could see for miles and miles! Top three things we loved about Calgary Tower:

  1. The Elevator: I was dared to climb the stairs to the top of the tower. At 1228 meters above sea level that would have been quite the climb! I was happy to hear that we would only be allowed to take the elevator and that the stair climb was reserved for special fundraising events only. PHEW!
  2. The Glass Floor: It was interesting to see the kids walk out on the glass floor and look down at the “toy cars” below them. Only when they saw fellow tourists show anxiety or an inability to walk on the glass floor would they change their tune and be scared. It opened up interesting discussions about fear, about perceptions and about our own comfort zone versus other peoples.
  3. The VIEW: The view was fantastic! I was fortunate enough to have a local with me who could point out the different spots of interest. From the Calgary Zoo to the festival in the park, there was lots to see from way up in the sky!

If you’re a fan of taking it into the skies check out the Calgary Tower! Here’s a couple of our favorite pictures:

Calgary Tower Glass Floor

The glass floor at the Calgary Tower tends to make some visitors weak in the knees.

View from Calgary Tower

Little boy looking out a window in a high rise

“The cars look like toys mom”

Calgary Tower Views

The view went on as far as the eyes could see!

Little boy looking through binoculars

“Mom I can see the stars” I bet this place would be an amazing place to check out the views from at night! #nexttime

To plan your trip to the Calgary Tower check out their website: Here!

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