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Zoos are a fantastic place for children to connect with animals and see them first hand. As a parent my goal is to educate my kids on each animal, about where they come from and the importance of conservation and protecting their homes.

The Calgary Zoo has strong philosophies for conservation and excellence and this is highlighted throughout their property. With over 127 species to see and billions of dollars in improvements and new exhibits under construction, the Calgary Zoo is committed to being a leader in animal care and conservation. President and CEO, Dr. Clement Lanthier said, “We care for endangered animals every day.” These beautiful animals are in good hands at the Calgary Zoo. “We love animals” and their 2014 annual report highlighted some of the ways they care:

“We take pride in the animals in our care. Our animal welfare protocols are the best in the world. We are not simply content to meet existing animal welfare standards but we strive to set new standards.” Their report goes on to talk about their international accolades, their commitment to growing facilities, as well as highlighting the support they receive from the community through volunteers and financial support.

It’s obvious that the Calgary Zoo is a key stakeholder in the community, and being Calgary’s oldest charity, I can see why. Calgarians have a lot of pride with their Zoo and one third of them visit it annually. So when I asked a local if she’d take us to the zoo, not only was she happy to, but I had some local family and friends join us too!

Some of our trip highlights:

Tips and Tricks:

Bring a good camera: In the age of iPhone it’s not uncommon to leave the good camera at home in an effort to reduce the bulk and things to carry. Put those creature comforts aside and bring a backpack filled with a good camera and a zoom lens. I was able to capture some amazing photos that my iPhone never would have been able to take!

Bring a water bottle: When we visited it was over 30 degrees outside… kids were going through water as quickly as we could fill them. Trick – Check out the water fountains and refill your water bottles!

The best loo at the zoo: Need a pee break? Check out one of Canada’s TOP 10 washrooms in the African Safari area of the zoo!

Stay a while: Give yourself lots of time to check out all of the different exhibits. I wish we had a whole day at the zoo and scheduled in some of the educational shows and activities for leg breaks.

Take a break: There are lots of open fields and a few playgrounds for the kids to relax and let loose. Grab a snack and sit back and let them run around like their favourite animals!

Learn: Take the time to learn about the conservation efforts and how you can support conservation, whether it be through educating your family, making a donation to the zoo or checking out these animals in their own backyards. Let’s build a generation of earth rangers who will protect future generations of animals and their habitats!

To plan your own trip to the Calgary Zoo check out their website: Here! 

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