Sarah McConnell – Family Travel Writer

Sarah has been with Adventure Awaits since the Fall of 2016. She started off helping here and there with some blog posts and now has become an official contributor.

Sarah and Jami came to meet after overhearing a conversation that Sarah was going to participate in MOMAR. Jami instantly said “We have to be friends! When are we going mountain biking?” That was over a year ago and a wonderful friendship has flourished. Sarah, much like Jami, has a passion for the outdoors, the environment and for adventuring with her family.

Sarah grew up in British Columbia living on a small acreage with her parents and a barn full of pets. Days were spent outside with horses, riding bikes and playing in the woods. She discovered her first passion in life, at the age of 3, and became a competitive figure skater competing nationally in synchronized skating. She started skiing at the age of five and regularly skied at Whistler with her father throughout her childhood and into her teenage years. Often going from the slopes during the day to the rink in the evening.

Having extended family overseas encouraged her joyful spirit and desire for traveling at a very young age. Through being exposed to different countries and some unique opportunities throughout life she created a whole host of memories and understanding in which Sarah shares with her own family.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Sussex in England and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary. In her spare time she hits the road on her bike; goes to the gym or a squeezes in a run or a hike. She and her husband have two children and try to travel and go on adventures as much as possible with the kids.