A First Timer’s Guide to Plunging into a Field of Cranberries

The changing of the seasons is always apparent in Fort Langley as the local fields transition to bright red and the harvesting of one of my favourite fall treats begins. There’s no better way to kick off the cranberry season than by plunging into a field of them at a cranberry farm in Langley!

If you’re looking for a fun fall activity this blog post will give you all the information you need to plan the perfect trip to The Bog Riverside Cranberry Farm in Langley. Grab your boots and camera and get ready to have some fun!

What is a Cranberry Plunge?

woman throwing cranberries into the air while standing in a flooded field at the cranberry farm langley

After donning your waders it’s time to walk down the boardwalk toward the cranberry pool. Wooden steps lead you down into a flooded field filled with thousands of bright red cranberries. Once you’ve settled in it’s fun to throw and pose for photos, after all, it’s not every day you’re immersed in a world of cranberries! 

The most surprising aspect of the experience was how chilly the water was. Even though we were wearing big thick waders you could certainly feel the cold water below. The plunge is only a few minutes so it’s totally worth it!

What to Wear When Visiting a Cranberry Farm in Langley

As a working farm, it’s important to make sure you’re geared up in the right clothes for your adventure. Think of walking through fields filled with mud, water and dirt. I recommend long warm pants or jeans, sturdy walking boots or rubber boots, and layers on top. We were surprised at how warm our Fall day was and took off our layers not long after arriving.

What to Wear for a Cranberry Plunge

woman throwing cranberries at the camera at the cranberry farm langley

Once you’ve done your tour you can head over to the dressing area to get ready for your cranberry plunge. A host will take your tickets and provide you with a very fashionable wader and boot combination, perfect for going chest-deep into the field. If you’re going for the fun photos I recommend wearing a yellow or blue top and a fun coordinated hat or toque. Those colours will pop best off the backdrop and will make for the most fun photos.

How to Capture the Best Photos of a Cranberry Plunge

While any photos will be fun if you’re looking for action-packed ones like mine I’d recommend using a camera that has fast action settings, with a quick shutter speed and a photographer behind the lens who will shoot multiple shots.

Fun Poses to Try at the Cranberry Farm in Langley

  • Throwing cranberries at the camera
  • Throwing cranberries up in the air
  • Arms high up in the air
  • Looking out over the fields
  • Holding a bunch of cranberries in your hands
  • Arms around your cranberry plunge partner 
  • Hands on your hips and smiling

Cranberry Farms Near Me

Our favourite farm is The Bog Riverside Cranberry Farm in Fort Langley. Along with the cranberry plunge, visitors are welcomed to tour old fashion farm equipment, see the working field in full operation, shop the local market for treats to take home, and enjoy educational tours while on the property. 

Cranberry Farm Tours

Cranberry farms offer more than just a cranberry plunge experience. Here’s a list of other experiences you can expect when visiting a farm, such as The Bog Riverside Cranberry Farm in Langley:

Antique Farming

Did you know that cranberries have been harvested on farms since the 1800s and Canada produces the second largest amount of cranberries in the world? Learn about the history of cranberry farming and see the antique cranberry harvesting and cleaning equipment in action.

Harvest Walk

Soak in the last of the summer season and stroll around the perimeter of the cranberry field, watching the crop being harvested. See the harvesting machine pumping the cranberries off the field.

Self Guided Tour

Follow the self-guided audio tour around The Bog. Be sure to take your time and stop and read the informational displays to learn about the interesting facts about cranberry farming.

Photo Ops at the Cranberry Farm in Langley

The cranberries are a photographer’s dream with their bright red colours popping off the field. With lots of opportunities to get up and close with cranberries or take scenic photos of the whole farm up against the mountains, know there are lots of places to stop for photography.

Bring the Farm Home

inside the store at the cranberry farm langley

A trip to the cranberry farm in Langley isn’t complete without a visit to the adorable farm store. Stocked with cranberry goods of every variety, this is a great place to stock up and spoil yourself! They also have fresh baked goodies and beverages for you to enjoy. 

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