If you find yourself where rocky plains intersect dense forest and rivers wind their way to rushing waterfalls and sprawling lakes; where the land takes cover under a thick blanket of snow in winter and emerges—lush and green—in summer; where wildlife thrives and adventures abound, than you have found yourself in Quebec.

Launch yourself down a mountain in a snow tube and laugh with your kids while the wind whips your faces giving you the rosy cheeks of winter. See the trees sag underneath the weight of a fresh snowfall and skate across the frozen waterways. From one snowy adventure to the next, you will realize one thing is for certain: Winter lives here.

Feel a change in the air as the seasons shift and set the scene for a different kind of Quebec. A Quebec where you can head off on a paddleboard and feel the sun on your skin as you cut through the water. Retreat to your spot on the beach to play in the sand and stay lakeside long into the warm evenings to watch the sunset.


Feel the old world charm of Quebec City and open yourself up to the creative and exuberant energy that exists here. Brush up on your French and practice with the locals or simply observe, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the French-Canadian culture.

With so much to see and do, this is a perfect destination for the entire family. There are many ways to explore Quebec, but the best way, is your way.

As the largest province in Canada, Quebec is every adventure lover’s paradise. The variety of landscapes throughout the province along with the changes they see in each season, make for an endless amount of activities to enjoy. Virtually all adventures have a wide-range of difficulty ratings and are fun for every age and skill level. Families who insert your adventure here together, stay together.

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  • Camping, Glamping and Cabin Life: Whether you prefer to kick it old school and sleep under the stars in a tent, enjoy the ease of provided essentials or need all the creature comforts of home, Quebec has ample options to stay where you play. With over 7000 campsites including “turnkey” options—also known as glamping—and cabin rentals of both the rustic and elegant variety, the perfect backwoods accommodation is waiting for you.
  • Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting: Pick your favourite way to paddle and take to the hundreds of lakes and rivers that weave their way through Quebec. From leisurely paddles and guided tours to adrenaline pumping adventures, the waterways of this province have it all. And if you find yourself here in winter and are looking for something different to try, check out ice canoeing on the St. Lawrence—an exclusively Quebec adventure.
  • Hiking, Ice Climbing and Canyoning: Whether hiking on a trail through the trees, scaling the outside of a frozen waterfall or repelling down a narrow canyon, getting up close and personal with Quebec’s wilderness is a must for every nature lover. Over 11,000 km of marked and maintained hiking trails wind their way through the province. If you’re looking for a more vertical adventure, the rocky faces of Quebec and frozen waterfalls are waiting for you. Or try canyoning to discover the rugged terrain and hidden waterways otherwise impossible to access.
  • Mountain Biking and Fatbiking: Biking in Quebec is an all-season sport and a beautiful to way canvas the mountains and speed through the forests. Specifically designed for riding over snow and ice, the fatbike’s fat wheels help you hit the trails no matter the conditions. Once the snow thaws, hop on your mountain bike and enjoy the sport that’s growing quickly across Quebec. Gear rentals are available at select outfitters across the province.
  • Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing and Snowmobiling: Quebec is one of the snowiest cities in the world. But a little—okay a lot—of snow is the perfect base for all kinds of adventures. Strap on snowshoes or skis and take in the vast icy views of this frozen wonderland. Or hop on a snowmobile and take to the trails. Fun fact: Quebec has an extensive snowmobile trail network with more kilometres of land devoted to sleds than cars.