Exciting Travel Trends For 2020

The coming year promises to be a great one for travel. Of course, there are always wonderful places to see and exciting adventures to experience, but that is not all. If you are up to some adventure, you may find the means of travel just as enjoyable as the adventures. So, let’s take a look at what will be travel trends for next year will be.  

Luxury Train Travel

Train travel is back. We are not talking about dusty trains with leather seats. Think back to the Golden era of train travel. These totally restored trains are designed with royalty in mind. They have plush studies, dining cars that serve 5-course meals, and bedroom suites that rival any top of the line hotel. Try The Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express for trips in Russia, Europe, Central Asia, and China. If you would like to travel from Vancouver to Toronto on a luxury train with a glass ceiling check out The Canadian 

One cool thing about travelling via luxury train is WiFi is often available. Of course, train travel takes you to places that you do not go to with other sources of transportation so sometimes there could be weak spots, but often you are free to use your laptop or smartphone. Imagine signing onto your Lottoland account and playing the slots in style as you enjoy VIP service. 

Space Tourism (Phase one)

If everything goes as planned, Virgin Galactic will begin taking members of the paying public on 90-minutes suborbital hops into space. Look for test flights from Blue Origin Space Company in 2020. In 2025 they expect 100 people, including a Japanese billionaire to be the first outer space tourist when the check into the Von Braun Rotating Space Station. The station looks like a giant Ferris wheel and it has lovely rooms, clubs, restaurants, and even residential homes for sale. 

DNA Mapped Destinations

Technology has been around a while now and finding out where our ancestors came from is very popular. This has sparked a new travel trend. People are no longer satisfied knowing where their ancestors came from. They want to go to the place their family lived. They want to see the area. They want to stand where their ancestors stood and connect with them on a deeper level. This travel trend will be in high demand in 2020.

Personal Attention – Dinner with the Chef

The elite are taking advantage of the services offered in their favourite destinations. However, they do not want to go to a commercial setting to enjoy their meals or activities. They are willing to pay a premium to have their way.  

When they want to taste a world-famous dish prepared by a chef in Paris, they will pay the chef a substantial fee to prepare the meal for them and allow them to dine in their home. If the chef and his partner will dine with them, it is even better. Sometimes they will rent the home for the evening.  

When they want to partake in a wine-tasting, they will pay for the time to have the wine tasting with the owner. The fee is gladly paid and they are happy to place an order. 

There are many options available to travel this year. There are trips that allow you to unplug and detox your system. There are private jets that will take you across the skies in luxury. Search your heart and determine what is meaningful to you and then put it together. With the tools of technology, there is nothing you cannot do. Just put your heart into it, and grow from there.  

It is obvious that these are people that expect the best out of life. In the world of gaming, they are called high-rollers. They live hard, they play hard. They do not do things half-way. This is what you can expect for 2020. Excellence in travel, in clothing, and in food. This will be a “nothing but the best year.” 

Jami Savage is one of the top Family Travel Writers in Canada, and has been featured on CTV and Vancouver Sun, and more. Go here to read our families story about how we went from backyard adventurers to world travelers, and how you can do the same. If you want to send Jami a quick message, visit her contact page here.

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