So he said, “You’re going to start a mom blog, like that’s never been done before?”That was two years ago. And yes, I chickened out at the time. He was right after all, how many Mom bloggers are out there? And how many moms have time to blogs. And what is the point of blogging anyways?Well that was two years ago. And this time, I’m going forth and doing it without telling anyone. (Okay, that’s not true, I told a few people, I was too excited!) And so I did… and this is officially my first post…

So why a blog? Why now?Well I’ve always written to my children. Since the day they were born I’ve kept a journal full of stories and thoughts, interesting news and inspiring quotes. Sometimes I write lots, sometimes months pass without a word. However I’ve always enjoyed the process of sharing my adventures and experiences as a mom with them, and so this is my opportunity to take it a little bit more seriously, and to share a whole lot more.

Having a blog is a bit unnerving, mostly because of my lack of willingness to be vulnerable. However I hope that my blog will be filled with likeminded moms and dads who want to share adventure stories, tips, and tricks, and thus share in an energy of collaboration and celebration.I also hope to connect with people who aren’t parents, and simply share in my passion for the outdoors, for learning new things, and for functioning outside your comfort zone. Finally, I hope to connect with people who will inspire, motivate and challenge me to try new and different things. See things from a different paradigm, challenge my own beliefs and invest in my passion for lifelong learning.

I hope to create an environment of support and encouragement. If you’re here to question my parenting, who I am, or what I do, you’re not welcome.  I’m not perfect, but I’m the perfect mom for my kids. No one will love them more, hug them more, share in their trials and tribulations more then I will.My goal is to share my adventures as an individual and as a mom. To talk about challenges, opportunities, find inspiration and share challenges. Every morning when I wake up I ask myself the question, “What type of adventure can we go on today…”

And today, it’s the world of blogging……And so the adventure begins.