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Are you looking for a new adventure in Vancouver? FlyOver Canada is giving you the chance to experience the real wild West by bringing back their iconic FlyOver Canada’s Wild West Show for a second season! 

Board your flight and head out on an epic adventure soaring over American West’s iconic destinations including Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. You’ll see some of the most iconic locations including Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. All captured by helicopter in high definition, guests will feel as if they are actually flying over each destination, with a 4D experience that places you in the centre of the action.  So buckle up and hold on tight –  the show is going to be a wild ride!

FlyOver Canada’s Wild West Show Tickets (or shall I say boarding pass)

woman hugging a giant stuffed moose outside of the flyover canada wild west show

Back again for a second showing, tickets are now on sale for FlyOver Canada’s Wild West Show with the show running from April 21st to June 26th. Before you board your flight you need to get your tickets, give this giant Moose “Horton” a hug (okay, not mandatory but definitely more fun), and head on up to the boarding lounge. 

When purchasing tickets I recommend that you get tickets to both the FlyOver Canada experience as well as the Wild West show. It’s a great way to experience both Canadiana as well as the US-based Wild West Show Experience.

For more information and to book your FlyOver Canada tickets in advance, click here!

Pre Flight Show At FlyOver Canada

The pre-show at FlyOver Canada’s Wild West show helps introduce the region you’re about to explore and gets you excited to take flight. A 360-degree screen welcomes you into the pre-show lounge where once the show starts you are fully immersed in the Wild West, learning about the history, geography, as well as action of the iconic region.

Take Off

woman sitting in seat with her hands in the air, waiting for the flyover canada wild west show to start

Once buckled in and given a go for takeoff from your Flight Director, the barricades drop down and your seat glides forward, making you feel like you’re sitting on the nose of a plane flying through the skies. The show was shot by award-winning film director, Dave Mossop of Whistler-based Sherpas Cinema, who puts you in the center of the action, nose-diving deep into the Grand Canyon and surfing San Francisco’s biggest waves. There is a reason there are big handlebars on your seat, so you can hold on when you want to ground yourself and all the 4D senses of the experience make you feel like you’re actually flying through the air! 

Flying Through the Wild West

view of the movie screen inside the flyover canada wild west show

This photo was taken from behind our seats, showcasing what a rider’s experience at FlyOver Canada’s Wild West Show is actually like. Guests sit on a state-of-the-art moving platform with their seats positioned in the middle of the 20-metre spherical screen. This means you feel every movement, along with the wind, splashes of mist from the sea, and even specific scents from different locations!  I’ve taken young children and grandparents to the show and no matter what the age everyone walks away loving the experience. 

The Real Wild West Post Show Shopping Experience

woman with stuffed snake around her neck at the flyover canada gift shop

After the show guests are invited to explore the gift lounge where they can shop for Canadian or Wild West souvenirs. I had fun posing with some of the new characters that were brought out for the Real Wild West show!

Perfect Treats For Little Cowboys and Cowgirls

cake pop with a chocolate cowboy hat

Extend your visit by heading over to the cafe and checking out the treats (and eats) to enjoy. Keep an eye open for thematic treasures like the perfectly posed cowboy cake pop! 

FlyOver Canada’s Wild West Show FAQ:

inside the gift shop at flyover canada

1. What is the FlyOver Canada Real Wild West show and what can you expect from the experience?

FlyOver Real Wild West is a returning attraction that will begin showing on April 21st, 2022 and run through to June 26, 2022.  This attraction takes guests through the USA’s wild west, showing some of the region’s iconic natural wonders.

2. How does this attraction compare to other attractions at FlyOver Canada?

The FlyOver Real Wild West Experience is an additional opportunity for locals and guests to experience the FlyOver Canada experience but showcasing a different country. The main differences that guests can expect to see are the pre-show and the themed decor, souvenirs, and special treats in the post-show experience. When you go to see the special features you can also get a ticket to see the FlyOver Canada show. Typically the “FlyOver Canada” feature will be on the hour every hour and then the “Special Feature” will be on the 15 or 45. The Canada show is separate though and guests have to buy tickets for that one as well. But you can buy tickets for both features and if you see the “seasonal feature” first, you can stay seated and wait for the second show.

3. What month is The Real Wild West coming to Vancouver?

FlyOver Real Wild West feature show will be running at Canada Place from April 21, 2022 to June 26, 2022.

4. How much does FlyOver The Real Wild West cost?

Prices for FlyOver Canada vary depending on if you choose a single show, the combination package and how old you are. The quickest way to plan your FlyOver Adventure is to click here

5. How long is FlyOver Canada Wild West Show? 

Allow yourself at least 30 -45 minutes for your FlyOver Real Wild West experience. This will include your time to grab your tickets, take some fun photos, enjoy the pre-show, flight, and post-show experience. While the actual flight is about 15 minutes there are so many other things to check out, so be sure to give yourself enough time to enjoy it all.

6. Where can I purchase tickets for the FlyOver Real Wild West Show? 

The quickest way to plan your FlyOver Adventure is to click here.

7. Who owns FlyOver Canada?

Pursuit is an attraction and hospitality company that provides a collection of inspiring and unforgettable experiences in iconic destinations. With a strategic direction to build an expanding portfolio of extraordinary travel experiences, Pursuit remains focused on delivering unforgettable and inspiring experiences in iconic locations worldwide. From world-class attractions, distinctive lodges and engaging tours in stunning national parks and renowned global travel locations, to their growing collection of FlyOver flight ride experiences in the vibrant cities of Vancouver, Reykjavik, Las Vegas, and Toronto (expected to open 2024), Pursuit’s elevated hospitality experiences enable visitors to discover and connect with these iconic destinations. 

8. Fly Over Real Wild West Reviews

The Real Wild West Show was much different than I had expected. I was expecting a more traditional West showing such as cowboys and gold rush imagery but was pleasantly surprised when the Wild West was showcasing all of the iconic regions around the USA’s West Coast. With a passion for eco-tourism, it was great to see areas like National Parks, the Grand Canyon, and the big surf in San Francisco be showcased, inspiring people to reimagine the “Wild” in the Wild West!

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