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Do you have a kid who loves camping and the great outdoors? Looking to put something under the tree that will actually be played with long into 2023? We’ve compiled our list of the best gifts for kids who love nature! So when Grandmas and Aunties ask what to get the kids for Christmas this year… send them this list!

Disclaimer: While I share my own thoughts about these products, this blog contains affiliate links, and should you click on them, I may receive a small commission on that sale which helps fund Adventure Awaits.

Nature Gifts For Toddlers / Preschoolers –

1. Hideaway Pods

green hideaway pod hanging from a tree

From reading books to hiding away from the sun, these pods are a big hit with little kids. Easy to hang both outdoors or indoors, these little hideaway pods give kids a unique space all to their own.

Get your Hanging Tree Tent Pod here!

2. Ride-On Toys

two kids driving around in an electric Mini John Deere tractor, one of the best gifts for kids who love nature

There’s nothing like cruising through the hood with your own set of wheels! Whether it’s a battery-operated John Deer tractor or a mini RZR ride-on, kids loved being able to ride long distances that campgrounds offer.

Get your Ride-On Tractor with Trailer here!

3. Kids’ Cars and Trucks

little boy siting on the ground playing with various toy trucks and cars

Let your little one build a town and play in the dirt with cars, trucks, and construction toys. There’s no limit to the imagination and the forest is the perfect place to build a whole new town!

Get your City Cars and Trucks Toy Vehicle Set here!

4. Bug Exploration

two kids in the forest holding a bug catching kit, a Gifts for Kids Who Love Nature

A bug catcher kit is the perfect way for kids to explore the small creatures we share our lives with. Kids love grabbing the magnifying glass, bug container, binoculars and butterfly net and heading out on a scavenger hunt to find all the bugs around them! This is one of the perfect gifts for kids who love nature.

Get your Explorer Bug Catcher Kit here!

5. Mud & Sand Toys

a child sits in the grass, their hands covered in mud, as they make mud pies in three plastic sand toys

Little children love to dig and get messy in the mud and sand. Encourage the making of mud pies and sand castles through imaginative and creative play by gifting a bucket and shovel kit.

Get your Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Set here!

6. Scavenger Hunt Game

two kids crouched down on a trail while doing a scavenger hunt

The kids will love this nature scavenger hunt game. Let them discover as the kids race to find the items on the cards by following the find-and-seek clues. Even non-readers can play by following the picture clues on the cards.

Get your Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids here!

7. Water Table

kids toys sitting in a water table

There’s no denying that kids love the water. Give them a fun place to splash and play outside and they will be entertained for hours, all while keeping cool. Throw some sand toys and boats into the water table for more fun!

Get your Splash Pond Water Table here!

For the Crafty Preschoolers –

8. Fairy Houses

a white lantern shaped fairy house sits on the forest floor surrounded by colourful gems

At our campsite, fairy gardens are a part of our daily routine. From waking up in the morning to see if they left behind any fairy dust or special jewels, to spending the day building additions to their homes and new places to play. The fairies are an unseen yet important part of our campsite community. There are many fairy house craft kits to get you started, great for working on those fine motor skills.

Get your Little Growers Fairy Garden House Kit here!

Nature Gifts For Children 6 – 10 –

9. Giant Jenga

a giant Jenga game sits outside surrounded by camp chairs, one of the best gifts for kids who love nature

Every year around July campfire bans come into place leaving the middle of our site lacking a centrepiece to gather around. This year we set up our giant Jenga and took turns trying to see who could build the highest tower… bringing back entertainment and activity to our fire pit!

Get your Giant Jenga game here!

10. Hammock

a child hangs in a hammock as it hangs from the trees

Give a kid a hammock and you’ll give them hours of play. While originally intended for rest and relaxation kids love to swing and play in hammocks. Find a little hideout in the trees and set it up for the weekend! Parachute fabric hammocks are lightweight, pack up small and are another great addition to your camping gear. This is one of the perfect gifts for kids who love nature.

Get your Hammock here!

11. Rope Ladder

a rope ladder hangs from a tree

Who doesn’t love climbing and swinging through the trees? Embrace your inner Tarzan and let the kids climb and swing back and forth for hours on end. Be sure to set up protection measures for the trees so that no damage is done by the rope ladder.

Get your Wooden Rope Ladder here!

12. Kids Disc Golf

a yellow kids disc golf set sits in the forest, one of the best gifts for kids who love nature

Disc golf is a growing sport and why should adults get to have all the fun? Build your own, kid-friendly disc golf course on your property!

Get your Little Flyers Family Disc Golf Set here!

13. Wall of Armour

a Cabinet full of nerf and water guns

Arm everyone with their own Nerf gun and have a wide-open game at the campground. Be sure you buy bulk bullets to keep the fun going longer! At the end of the day, everyone can hang up their weapons (for safekeeping). We used handy 3M hooks. So arm everyone with a Nerf gun and this cool starter kit complete with vest, bullets, mask and eye protection and let the fun begin!

Get your Nerf Elite Blaster Party Pack here!

14. Giant Inflatable Ball

a child standing inside a giant inflatable ball while a second child watches

Just roll it around or climb in and feel like you are taking a spin in a human hamster wheel. Get two and have the ultimate bumping and rolling experience. This giant inflatable ball is sure to get the kids moving and laughing for hours!

Get your Inflatable Sumo Balls here!

15. Geometric Dome Climber

child hanging upside down in a geometric dome climber, one of the best gifts for kids who love nature

Do you have a climbing monkey in your life? A geometric dome climber is a perfect addition to your outdoor equipment and will keep the kids busy and active for hours. Let their imaginations soar as the climber turns into a spaceship, a boat, a tent, or an island in the ocean, the ideas are limitless!

Get your Geometric Dome Climber with Canopy here!

16. Rocket Stunt Planes

three kids looking towards the sky after they have just launched their rocket stunt planes
Photo Credit: Amazon Canada

Run, jump and stomp to launch these kid-powered rocket stunt planes into the sky. A fun STEM activity for kids as they change the angles and test to see how far and which stunts the planes will do, our kids have spent HOURS with these.

Get your Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes Launcher here!

For the Crafty 6 – 10 Year-Olds –

17. Perler Beads

looking down at three large containers of perler beads and design plates

Looking for a quiet activity during hot summer days? Perler beads are the ultimate craft as they are suitable for a wide age group and creations are only limited by your imagination. Our kids spend HOURS, literally hours creating. Just set up a craft table at camp, give your kids a jar of beads and let the kids go wild!

Get your Perler Beads Sunny Days Activity Bucket Kit here!

Nature Gifts For Children 10 – 12

18. Zip Line

an empty zip line sits stationary in the forest

Did you know that you can have your very own zip line? Whether you have a recreational property or want to hang it in your backyard, this is a gift that the kids will enjoy playing with year-round. Ranging in lengths from 40-100 feet, this toy is guaranteed to make your place kid central! We’ve had this one for a few years and hundreds of zips later, it’s still going strong!

Get your Zip Line Kit here!

19. Slack Line

two kids play on a slack line in the forest

Fun for kids and adults alike, a slackline is the perfect camping accessory. Packing up small, this toy will fit in every camper’s vehicle, whether you’re tenting or driving a motorhome. Set up the slackline when you first arrive at your campsite and the kids will be entertained while you can settle and set up camp. There are lots on the market, but we highly recommend this one.

Get your Adventure Slackline Ninja Kit here!

20. Archery Set

a child focusing on using their bow and arrow set

Let your child embrace their inner Merida and take a turn at learning how to do archery. Child-size bows make for an easier and more fun experience for kids (no sore fingers). This can be a dangerous activity if safety precautions are not put in place. At our campsite, we have strict rules including age, a no-go zone, a process for firing and collecting arrows… and no shooting after dark!

Get your Outdoor Youth Archery Set here!

21. Nature Activity Book

child sitting outside in the grass against a tree reading a book, the perfect Gifts for Kids Who Love Nature

Help encourage that nature-loving kid in your life to get outside to create, explore and track their surroundings. A nature activity book filled with ideas for some fun outdoor projects and activities is another one of the perfect gifts for kids who love nature.

Get your Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids here!

22. Rock Tumbler

child holding rocks in their hands

Kids love collecting rocks! Why not smooth out and shine those treasures? We love our National Geographic rock tumbler, as every rock that goes in comes out completely different, it’s like a nature magic show!

Get your Starter Rock Tumbler Kit here!

23. Pogo Stick

a child smiles at the camera while jumping on a pogo stick

Hit new heights as you bounce on this newly styled but old classic pastime. We love this pogo stick as it’s lightweight, has enclosed springs (no pinching!) and folds up easily.

Get your Gogo Pogo Stick here!

For the Crafty 10 – 12 Year-Olds –

24. DIY Checkerboard

Checkerboard made from a log, one of the best gifts for kids who love nature

Before a log is sliced and diced for the campfire save it as a side table and turn it into a DIY checkerboard. Make your own checkers out of a large stick cut into perfect circles. We used acrylic paints and stain to make this set.

Get your Craft Acrylic Paint Set here!

25. Bee House Making Kit

close up of a bee inside a mason bee house

Help save the bees and construct your own flower planter complete with a Mason Bee house. This kit comes with all the pieces and instructions needed to build a bee house and flower planter combo. Once complete, kids can observe and learn about mason bees and their importance. This is one of the perfect gifts for kids who love nature.

Get your Build a Bee House Planter Box Plant Kit here!

Nature Gifts For Teenagers

26. Telescope

looking up through the trees at the stars in the night sky

Late summer nights staring up at the stars is what summer is all about. Get a telescope for the kids and let them learn about the constellations and stars that they are gazing upon. A great app to purchase is the StarGazer App, which helps show kids what they are looking at in real time!

Get your Beginner Telescope here!

27. Nature Journal

teenager writing in a journal while sitting in a tent, her parents sit outside the tent in the background

Take this nature journal along as you wander through the forests and explore the great outdoors. Filled with not only reference illustrations and field guide information but there are also spaces to record where you’ve gone, sketch what you see and jot down your thoughts while immersed in nature.

Get your Nature Walk Journal here!

28. Instant Camera

a colourful photo sticking out the top of an instax instant camera, one of the best gifts for kids who love nature

What is old is new again, that’s right, instant film cameras are back! Snap pictures and record your outdoor adventures and memories in an instant photo. Makes a great addition to a nature journal, as you can stick the photos into the journal.

Get your Instax Mini Instant Camera here!

29. Hiking Backpack

a child wearing a colourful backpack sits on a rock mountain top overlooking a valley

Perfect for day trips to the beach, hikes with friends, a pool swim, or just out and about with friends, a good hiking backpack is a great investment. Carry your journal, hiking essentials, instant camera, snacks and drinks with ease!

Get your Daylite Hiking Daypack here!

30. Binoculars

a teenager looking through binoculars

There is always going to be something in nature that intrigues you that is just a bit too far away to see! We love this compact pair of binoculars as they fit easily in a hiking backpack and allow us to watch the birds and animals we see out on walks and hikes clearly and safely.

Get your Compact Binoculars here!

For the Crafty Teenagers –

31. Wood Burning Pen

Wood burning pen kit

These pens are a safe and fun way for kids to get creative. Whether they are working on a new creation or making a special gift this is the perfect campfire craft accessory!

Get your Wood Burning Kit here!

32. Paracord Bracelets

paracord bracelet sitting on a log

You can never be too prepared while adventuring in the great outdoors. Combine safety with crafting with a survival paracord bracelet-making kit!

Get your Paracord Bracelet Crafting Kit here!

Kids of All Ages

33. Campfire Snack Kit

a close up of a s'more with a campfire in the background

Nothing makes for the perfect campfire like s’mores and snacks! Put together a basket of your favourites and wrap it up making the perfect gift. May we recommend graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, Oreo cookies, licorice, and gummy candies? The best part? All of your supplies are available at your local grocery store or better yet, get yourself an all-in-one S’mores kit! Oh and don’t forget the roasting sticks and other campfire essentials!

Get your S’mores Kit here!

34. Reusable Water Balloons

two kids having a water balloon fight, one kid has gotten hit by one

Love water fights, but hate the waste and negative environmental impact that water balloons make? Try these reusable and self sealing water balloons for hours and hours of fun!

Get your Reusable Water Balloons here!

35. Outdoor Movie Theatre

a group gathers around an outdoor movie screen where a movie is being projected

If you’re looking to splurge, an outdoor movie theatre may be the best present ever. New inflatable screens take outdoor family movies to a whole new level. Complete with a projector and sound, these presents will be a huge win both under the Christmas tree and throughout the whole Summer, fun for the whole family!

Get your Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen here!

Get your Outdoor Bluetooth Movie Projector here!

With this list of the perfect gifts for kids who love nature., you are bound to bring smiles of happiness and shouts of joy to your outdoor-loving children this Christmas. And parents will be happy to know that the kids will be entertained for hours surrounded by nature!

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