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Getting to Golden Ears Provincial Park is a bit of an adventure in itself. After crossing the bridge of the same name, making your way through the scenic back roads of Maple Ridge and finally passing the giant mountain goat statue at the park’s entrance, it almost feels like you’ve left Vancouver behind for the wilderness. It’s partly true – Golden Ears is one of the largest provincial parks in BC, and fits plenty of recreational opportunities into its nearly 63,000 hectares.

Perhaps the most important piece of the park is Alouette Lake, an impressive body of water flanked by beautiful BC mountains on all sides. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the lake and its ample facilities, and beachgoers can choose from kayaking, canoeing, fishing, water-skiing, windsurfing… just about anything you can do on water is available. Rentals are available from the park during the busy summer months, when visitors flock to its beach from all over the Lower Mainland.

There are 3 campgrounds in the park, making it an attractive option for those on vacation or simply looking for a night or two close to home but still out in the woods. Picnic spots are also available for those who only have a day in Golden Ears, as well as a playground for kids.

There are a number of trails in the park, accessible either by walking or on horseback. They lead through some of the most stunning forests in the Greater Vancouver area and take you through the shadows of the nearby mountains, past a crystal clear meandering river and even to its end at the gorgeous Gold Creek Falls. The trails vary in their difficulty and grade, but the Lower Falls Trail is short and nearly flat, making it the perfect choice for families and young ones.

There’s plenty to keep the entire family occupied at Golden Ears Park, and there are activities for every occasion in the summer months. The trek to Maple Ridge may be a little out of the way compared to usual, but it’s more than worth it!

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