This weekend Grouse Mountain opened up for the 2014 / 2015 snow season and we couldn’t be more excited. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share our favorite memories from lessons last year… and help us get excited for what is bound to be an EPIC season this year!

Top 5 reasons we love Grouse:1. The drive -Quick, easy, and there’s no snow tires needed to get to the hill.2. The Tram – Maybe people see this as a downfall… those people obviously don’t have kids! My kids LOVE the Gondola! They love the ride, hearing all the people talk in different languages, the VIEW… I could go on and on.3. It’s designed for little people – When you arrive for lessons your meeting place is right outside the gates and they bring sleighs or ploughs to bring the little people over to snow camp.4. Ski Wee Base Camp is amazing. It’s like a classroom with all themed painted walls,  gear set up, cloak room, kids bathrooms, and room for a huge snack table with kiddie chairs.5. Grouse Amenities – When the kids need a break from the snow or the cold we can head inside, watch a movie, warm up, grab a hot chocolate.So lets keep our fingers crossed for lots of snow and an amazing snowboarding season!!!