Every month I feature one woman with an inspiring story to share. Interviewing these ladies and hearing about their amazing stories has been one of my favorite things about my blog. I’ve “toured” to Europe, Thailand, Costa Rica and home through every activity imaginable. These ladies climb, run, travel, push limits and break records. Enjoy their stories.

Hayley, Co-Founder of Run Like a Girl was our very first inspirational story that we shared! She opened up about big races, real challenges and her dreams.

Andrea Dodd got raw and real sharing her stories about loss and about how adventures helped her heal.

Julia has been travelling around the world following her passion for yoga and shared her story with us from a SUP board in Thailand!

Jennifer Long won a trip with National Geographic to the Antarctic and shared her insights about her trip and about how to teach children the effects of global warming.

If you’re interested in learning more about the world’s best mom, look no further. Fun? Outgoing? Passionate? Yup, she’s all that and more!

“What if we celebrated starting lines like we celebrate finish lines.” Steph Jagger challenges your thinking on the definition of potential and the perception of success.

Kristyl Clark is the Valley Mom who’s got it all… and shares an honest perspective on being a mom, wife and community member with a sense of humour that will keep you laughing.

From living to LIFE РHow Heather Greenwood-Davis took her family on a trip around the world!

Tiffany instantly inspired me when she said, “My life is an adventure because of the perspective I take on it”.

“I’ll run out of years in my life before I run out of places to explore.” Nicki Rehn

Lina Augaitis inspired us as she talked about creating opportunities and making dreams come true, one SUP adventure at a time!

Vikki Weldon shared how she’d rather climb a mountain then take the stage. Her comfort zone is like no other and she has pictures to prove it.