Is It Safe To Travel In BC right now?

Between text messages, whatsapp, Facebook, and email, my phone has been lit up this week with Mom’s and Dad’s asking “Is it safe to travel in BC right now” They wonder if it’s safe to travel, where they should go and if they should pull the plug.

My answer… “Know before you go”

Taken from Destination BC, our governing body responsible for tourism in BC, they have a “Know before you go” campaign that quickly reminds us that research is key and MOST of the province is open for travel. The tourism industry in Canada represents 1 in 7 jobs and was the first industry hit by the pandemic and will be one of the last to recover, so many areas are not directly impacted and are excited to welcome you to visit.

How To Research If It’s Safe To Travel In BC:

“Conditions can change rapidly, and we encourage you to check the latest, on-the-ground information before your trip so you can make an informed travel decision. In addition to checking in with your accommodation provider, here are some other key resources to help you out”

BC Wildfire Service

BC Wildfire Service is offered online and via app this has been my favorite resource for tracking the wildfire situation here in BC. Updated every 2 hours, this service offers an interactive map of current fires, details on fire bans and evacuation alerts and orders, safety alerts, and tips on fire prevention. I’ve appreciated having up to date information at my fingers especially when we’re on the road

Air Quality Index Map

Second, to the BC Wildfire App, the  Air Quality Health Index map helped me understand the current and forecasted air quality in the regions we were traveling to. We were going to Penticton and so the air quality was actually the same as in Vancouver, and clear blue sunny skies!

Drive BC

DriveBC is an excellent resource for information on detours and road closures caused by any wildfires, car incidents, or construction.

Local Visitor Centre

I love Visitor Centre’s and highly recommend you connect with the local visitor center for the community you are visiting. They are staffed by local residents who are passionate about the region and ensuring you have a great experience visiting their home. So they are a great resource for you to ask for real, on-the-ground updates.

If You See A Wildfire:

To report a wildfire dial *5555 on a cell or call 1-800-663-5555 toll-free.

Final Notes

There’s nothing more important than your family’s safety, so take the time to do the research and be confident in the decision that you make.