She stopped in her tracks and looked over to me with a look of shock and said, “YOU have never heard of ivivva?”

Until this Fall, ivivva was a name I had never heard of before… however after a friend of mine enlightened me about the ivivva brand, I knew that my daughter and I had to go and check it for ourselves.

What is ivivva?

ivivva, created by Lululemon in 2009, is a girls’ line of athletic activewear made for and inspired by active adventurous girls.

I don’t often post about things like clothing, however after shopping at this store and having such an amazing experience, I feel the need to share this with my readers! No, this isn’t a sponsored post, they didn’t ask me to do this, I just had such a great time that I wanted to share it!

Ten things we loved about our shopping trip:

1. Child Centered

inside of Ivivva Metrotown store

When we walked into the store it was clear that my daughter was the client. She met the Store Manager and got a personal tour through each section of clothing. It was the first time my daughter had really experienced anything like this, so was shy at first but quickly warmed up.

2. Very Personal

getting a tour around the Ivivva Metrotown store

The experience with the Store Manager was very personal. She toured my daughter around asking her about what sports she likes to do and what type of clothing she needs to do it.

3. Tech Ed

learning about the clothes at Ivivva Metrotown

The Store Manager took the time to explain the technical elements of each garment. I LOVED that my daughter was learning about the purpose of clothes rather than focusing on what they looked like.  

4. Change Rooms

waiting area in the change rooms at Ivivva Metrotown

When it was time to head to the change room to try on clothes not only did my daughters name go up on the change room door but so did all of the sports she liked to do. She had a long list that included Swimming, Snowboarding, Tae Kwon Do, Wakeboarding, and Dance. I loved that they took the time to define her by what she does!

5. Educational

checking out the textures of the clothes at Ivivva Metrotown

When she came out of the change room she was asked about how the clothes felt, both in texture but also in fit. She was taught how clothes should fit, and how to try on different sizes to make sure it was the right fit for her body. She was encouraged to jump up and down and see how they felt as she moved.

6. Cartwheels

cartwheels to see how the clothes at Ivivva Metrotown fit

When she found an outfit that she really liked she asked if she could test it out for its cartwheel capacity. They were happy to have her show off her cartwheels through the store as she made sure her new clothes were the perfect fit!

7. Fun

photo of girls having fun in clothing from Ivivva Metroclothing

I loved that she was encouraged to have fun, that shopping should be fun, and that clothes should enable you to do the sports you want to do and not inhibit movement.

8. Motivational

photos of girls participating in sports in the change rooms at Ivivva Metrotown

Surrounding the change rooms are pictures of other young girls excelling at their sports. These were local girls. Not models. Local athletes who visit the store and shop there! She loved looking over the images of the dancers and hearing their stories first hand from the staff. She wanted to see herself up on the wall, and the fact that she could connect to that concept was amazing!

9. Quality clothes

clothing hanging on the wall at Ivivva Metrotown

I absolutely love the quality of these clothes. My daughter wears them every day, and even has started doing the laundry herself just so that she can have them back in her wardrobe quicker! I can see that they are going to stand the test of time… or the test of my daughter, which could be even more of a statement.

10. Splurge Worthy

girl leaving Ivivva Metrotown store with shopping bag

ivivva clothes have a higher price point when compared to other children’s clothing stores (for example, a pair of shorts is $27). So I think that this store will be the perfect place to pick up special gifts like Christmas and birthday presents.


Overall, we both had an amazing experience at ivivva. To find a store that is encouraging and puts a positive spin on active girls and the sports they play is incredible. You can tell ivivva and their staff truly care and want to make sure the clothes chosen are the right fit and style for each customer. We, and more importantly, my daughter, can’t wait to go back!

ivivva’s holiday collection comes out the beginning of November and would make excellent gifts for the active and adventurous girl in your life! They have some wonderful items that would be great stocking stuffers this holiday season. In addition, their new Moon Gem Collection launches on November 25th. This new collection features iridescent patterns and shiny gold details, inspired by yoga, run and dance.

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