On March 5th I was invited to attend “Shoulders of Titans” hosted by Dan Lok and the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group. The reality is that when you tell people that you are adventurous, well you get some pretty unique opportunities that come your way!

The scheduled presenter of the night was Jun Kim, Vancouver’s youngest Billionaire and the head of the new Trump Tower Project. Sounds like a pretty interesting night, even if I had to wear high heels. (Which I do love every now and then)

I’ve never been in the presence of a billionaire and to be honest, I wasn’t looking all that forward to hearing about development and project management. However that’s not what the night ended up being about! I was surprised and excited to see the night transform from a hand shaking, picture taking, and celebrity style affair to a casual sit down, with a successful entrepreneur.

Shoulders of Titans Joo Kim



The whole talk was very laid back and personal. However it was more insightful then I ever could have imagined! Here’s what I took away as being the top fifteen pieces of advice Jun Kim had to share:

  1. “Be 100%. Own what you do. Focus on it. Just be fricken good at it!”
  2. “Young people need to build confidence and success from a young age. Parents – Build excellence”
  3. “Make today awesome and tomorrow will be awesome too!”
  4. How does Jun define success? “When you can impact people in a positive way”
  5. “It can be really lonely when you walk your own path.”
  6. “I made my life count”
  7. “Don’t have your hands in too many things… You can’t be good at everything!”
  8. “I can’t change the way I am as these are the things that make me successful.”
  9. “It takes a lifetime to be good at something.”
  10. “Success takes years of the right living and right believing. Reinforce habits every day… it has to be a part of who you are.”
  11. Why do entrepreneurs fail? “they give up” And “success doesn’t come Overnight”
  12. “Successful entrepreneurs are tough, fair, honest.”
  13. “Crystallize your thoughts and don’t rely on people”
  14. “I thank the people who supported me. I thank the haters… They gave me the fire to prove them wrong…”
  15. “What’s more valuable to entrepreneurs… Time or money? Time. Always time”

Overall, as an entrepreneur it was great to see how simple ideas were relevant at every level. He offered a reminder about the importance of being who you are and leveraging that to be successful. He talked a lot about excellence and reminded us about how hard work and time are the ways to become successful.

I disagreed with one comment that he made. It was about how youth shouldn’t volunteer because they should be focusing on their business, their school and their careers. I totally disagree. I think that volunteering can be a pillar for growth, learning, mentoring and open more doors then those who stay at home. So I will have to say that I disagree with him on this one.

Overall it was an insightful night with a lot of great reminders and some new pearls of wisdom to inspire me. And as Dan Lok said, we’ve only just begun… “Who’s our next Titan?”

Now back to your regular programming… hiking boots and all.