Every morning when my kids wake up they ask me if we’re going on an adventure. Since they were little every outing has been called an adventure, and we’ve seen things through those eyes.Last week I was enjoying the walk home from school with my daughter, in the pouring rain and I was mourning the fact that I hadn’t been able to enjoy a walk in the leaves this October. I was sad I was going to miss out on all the seasonal crafts with all the beautiful leaves.My daughter had noticed I had gone quiet and asked why. I was explaining my thoughts on the situation to her when she asked me why we couldn’t pick up wet leaves.

Good question… why couldn’t we? My own damn hesitations about getting my pretty little hands wet were the only thing stopping me from an awesome rainy day activity.

So we threw out our own rules and quickly started picking up leaves. We had the most wonderful walk, picking orange, red and yellow treasures. We laughed at the sounds the leaves made under our feet, and met some neighbours along the way.I’m glad that my daughter has the ability to see things with a fresh set of eyes. That life hasn’t taught her parameters and rules about what’s appropriate and what not to do.

All she sees is a life full of adventure. Even on a sidewalk on a rainy day.

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