We live in a society that supports gossip and negativity. It’s feed to us by newscasters, talk shows, celebrity magazines, tabloids, and online forums. We’re meant to yearn to be skinnier, more beautiful, and products are pushed our direction on every medium possible.The mentality is to judge first, and then support your argument second. Just look up any blog post about parenting and you’ll find a myriad of opinions based on what parents should and should not be doing… so many laced with an underlying tone where you can literally see the writer rolling their eyes and judging the other parent.Can we make it stop? Yes.I live in a village, inside a town in the Greater Vancouver region. Our village has no name and doesn’t have a physical address, but it’s a place we all know we belong. It’s a group of moms who are there to support, encourage, and love one another, and our children, without preconceived ideas, without judgement, without resentment or jealousy.In our village we have unspoken rules:* Speak with intention and care. Words must be composed of kindness and compassion.* Judgement is not welcome here. We all parent differently but we are all doing what we believe is best for our children and our families. NO ONE loves or wants more for our children then we do and we’re all fighting the battle of trying to give our children everything that they want and need.* We don’t know all the answers. But within our community we have enough resources to support, share, and find solutions for everyone on our team.* We are a team. We’re only as strong as our weakest member, and we’re all there to raise each other up.* We’re not jealous. Each of us has victories and successes that should be shared. We celebrate and encourage one another. We lift each other up and inspire one another.I’m very lucky to call this village my home. To have so many great mentors in my community and to share in so many powerful, uplifting, and ultimately wonderful conversations.It’s inspired me in hoping that this blog will have the same community of support, idea sharing and inspiration around it. I think that we can make the shift from judgement to support, if we’re all willing to be part of the solution.