This year I’ve teamed up with Raincoast books to bring you a variety of family adventure books for you to share with your kids.

Actually, let’s face it… These books are “Not for Parents”  – as kids won’t let them go!

My daughter dressed up and headed into the wild with this book!

My daughter dressed up and headed into the wild with this book!

This month we’re packing up for our big road trip and I’m excited to have these gems in our travel case! We’ve spent the last couple of weeks checking out these books… they had me at Adventure, but let me tell you the top five things I love about these books:

Adventures in Busy Places, Adventures in Cold Places and Adventures in Wild Places.

  1. They are interactive: These books were a welcome break from story time as they are really interactive and get kids and parents engaged. You get to partake in a variety of different activities ranging from seek and find, to stickers and colouring!
  2. They are educational: Each book starts off with a world map of the places they are following. Kids can orient themselves with where they are in relation to where the adventures are taking place. Each section of the book is then broken up into regions and kids get to travel around the world in their book. The books is filled with age- appropriate facts about the area including local animals, currency, things to pack and what you may see.
  3. Conversation Starters: I wasn’t expecting the different types of conversations that would start up from us reading this book. Instead of me broadcasting my message through a typical book, we were talking about the adventure together.
  4. Stickers and Colouring –Do I really need to elaborate? Kids love stickers! This book is a huge sticker book, with beautiful transparent stickers that kids can place on the reusable pages.  Here’s an example of what my daughter did on our “adventure” to Kruger National Park.
  5. Plan your next adventure –As a family passionate about travel, we find or feel – whichever you want. It is fun to bring the kids into the conversation and seek out all the places we want to go. It helps connect them with our dreams and create some dreams of their own!  Now if only Lonely Planet could figure out a way to transport us into the adventure through the book… Now that would be out of this world!

Lonely Planet Adventure Books-3


Lonely Planet Adventure Books-2


I’m excited to have these books on our road trip as they are great activities (instead of being on devices the whole time) and it gives us lots of things to talk about.

Lonely Planet Adventure Books-5

Book Giveaway – Raincoast Books and Adventure Awaits would like to see three lucky winners get a copy of these books! Simply hop over to our Facebook page and like and comment on the adventure book you’d like to share with your kids. Contest Closes June 15th at 9:00pm.