Love Letter to my Family: Dear Team Savage,

Love Letter to my Family ….

Dear Team Savage,

2019 was quite a year. Banff. Nunavut. Tofino. Sault St Marie. A month in Australia. England. Wales. Kansas.

Let’s just take a moment to soak in what that meant for us, for me: an adventure filled life, living a dream bigger than we ever could have imagined.

Wow. Pinch me. Am I dreaming?

But it didn’t happen because of an inspirational quote, or a winning lottery ticket that rolled out the red carpet. No team… we earned this. Every. Single. Day.

Was it all easy? Heck no! This year pushed me physically and mentally beyond my capacity and things like anxiety and stress started to creep in. But with the love of my family, and the support of a huge community, I was able to persevere, and hope to take the lessons I’ve learned into creating the best 2020 possible.

As for the love letter to my family …

Team Savage, you rock.

To My Son, my little mountain goat,

Your relentless spirit of adventure and passion for the environment inspires me every day. From coming face to face with turtles in the great barrier reef, to watching whales breach off the coast of Tofino, every outdoor adventure is more fun when you’re by my side.

When I think of the environment, I think of your determination to protect it, and its because of you I sign every single email with “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.

To My Daughter, my little otter,

I hope to make you proud. There were a lot of times when I was away that you had to step up around the house, as I left you as the one “in charge” (and to make sure Dad didn’t eat all the ice cream!). Thank you for being mature beyond your years and supporting my dreams, but also staying a kid through it all, so we could still race down waterslides together. You’re outgoing, adventurous, and so much fun to be around. I don’t want you to grow up!

To My Husband,

After 21 years of adventures we’ve hit our stride and are living a dream we never even imagined. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support of my career, of my need for adventure, and of taking care of the house when I’m home and when I’m away. Let’s face it, I’m not an easy person to be married to – I have big dreams and say yes without even thinking. But you stand beside me, and behind me, every step of the way. Thank you.

To My Mom and Dad, 

Thank you for instilling a spirit of adventure and a love for the outdoors in me as a child. Now, when I’m away from home, I love knowing that my kids are spending time with you and are in good (albeit probably messy from crafts) hands. From picking up sporting gear, to pairing the perfect Halloween costume, I’m so grateful that they get to hang out with the world’s best mom and dad when I’m away working. And when you’re with me travelling the world, I love that you’re always up for an adventure, even if that means hauling your butt up 500+ feet of stairs at St Paul’s Cathedral!

To My Nana and Grandpa,

Sometimes I wonder if the kids prefer it when I go away, as they know they will be spoiled by you when I’m gone. When I’m far from home, in my hotel room, and missing you all, it helps me sleep easier knowing they have more love (and food) than they need.

To My Village

There’s too many of you to name, but you know who you are. Whether it’s picking up for play dates, transferring between activities, pitching in for a missed lunch, or letting them sneak in a hello at school, knowing my kids are surrounded by a community of love makes this all possible.

To My Team,

So many people ask, “How do you do it all?” The reality? I don’t! Erin, Scott, Sierra, Codi, and Jess all help me make Adventure Awaits and Savage and Wiser possible. From helping with all of the logistics that go into running the company, to taking care of clients as if they were family, to trying to help me stay organized when things get out of control, not a day goes by that I don’t look at my life and know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without each one of you.

So, before I even think about what 2020 will bring, I want to pause and share this love letter to my family with you to say thank you, I love you, and I am so very grateful for who you are, for all your support, and for helping me be the best version of myself.

The Adventure Awaits!

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Is this a sponsored post?: No, I just wanted to share my love letter to my family with my followers and hopefully inspire them to write their own love letter!


Jami Savage
Jami Savage
Jami Savage is one of the top Family Travel Writers in Canada, and has been featured on CTV and Vancouver Sun, and more. Go here to read our families story about how we went from backyard adventurers to world travelers, and how you can do the same. If you want to send Jami a quick message, visit her contact page here.

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