The concept of putting myself out there in a format such as a blog has been one I’ve worried about since the idea first popped in my head. First of all I don’t think I’m all that interesting. I subscribe to other blogs, of people who live very diverse, inspiring and different lives. I read their writing and am overwhelmed at times with the complexity of the concepts they are presenting, and even have to google the odd word that has yet to make its way into my vocabulary. Having a strong vernacular and something interesting to write about… those are the people that write blogs.So why bother? Well, this has been haunting me since the idea came about. Over the past couple years I’ve been watching my social media and it seems to spike when I post things about my adventures. I’ve been told that people are engaged with my experiences and so many have been compelled to share their own.


When I started researching this idea I searched out other moms that were like me. Other people who loved going on adventures as much as I did. People that had a spirit to ask themselves, “What if” on a regular basis. And you know what, I started finding people… quickly. I was inspired by the instant connections on Facebook, and by the messages I was getting on Twitter. I wasn’t alone… My passion for the great outdoors, for new pursuits and for family adventures was a shared concept and something worth further exploration.And so why not. I have no expectations for what this blog is, other than the fact that I need to get it started and out there. My “Type A” motor is humming wanting to put measurable goals and timelines on every aspect so that I can measure my success. But this time I’m going to take a step back and just let it happen. Spend the year accepting opportunities, trying new things, and sharing my experiences. If it grows into something more, great! If it just ends up being an online journal shared with family and friends, well that’s a pretty cool thing to share with my children too.For once in my life I’m going to let it be, and see where this adventure takes me. This photo was taken with the famous Vij, whom I somehow found myself dancing with at the Mayor’s Ball. I’m still surprised that I somehow secured an invite to the Mayor’s Ball! And meeting Vij… icing on the cake! (Stay tuned for another blog about this experience)