There’s no denying that Summer 2020 will be unique, and that COVID 19 is a problem facing our global community. For the past three months we’ve been working hard, researching health news, tourism trends, safety protocols, case studies and best practices. I recognize our responsibility to you and value the trust you place when reading our articles.

Our promise: To provide you with the most up to date information on how to plan safe and fun adventures for you and the kids this summer. This includes:

Safe Travels

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We are aligning our content with the recommendations as laid out by the Provincial Heath Minister, and following his “stay local” recommendations. We are embracing their “get outside” recommendations showcasing places to explore and how to safely head out on adventures. Geographically we will start with our own community of Langley, then GVRD, and then expand through BC and into Western Alberta as we are invited to do so.

Explore BC Local

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We believe in supporting local and are using our voice to champion small business. We have been following Tourism BC’s direction and working with them to ensure that our recommendations are in line with their tourism restart plan. Tourism BC is deeply connected with the communities they serve and are able to guide us on where we can direct tourism, and what places need to stay closed for the time being.

Canadian Content

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Being “stuck” in our backyard is not a consolation prize and 2020 is an amazing opportunity to redirect vacation funds into exploring BC and our amazing country. Adventure Awaits will be focusing 85% of our efforts on Canadian content, all while still inspiring your wanderlust by showcasing some international destination features as they become relevant.

Adventure and Transformational Travel Focus

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Adventure Awaits has always been about eco tourism, outdoor travel, and transformational experiences and that has not changed. We are predicting that these niches within the tourism industry will be the first to rebound because they are traditionally safer ways to travel (outside, wider spaces, less faces). We also anticipate though that Covid has allowed us all to reflect and that many may be interested in pursuing more purposeful travel, such as family adventure travel. This is one of the reasons I have become a Transformational Travel Ally, and look forward to bringing you more stories on the subject.

Industry Support

Acknowledging the tourism industries

I would like to acknowledge the amazing work happening by the Tourism Industry of BC, Destination BC, The and the Travel Media Association of Canada and the Transformational Travel Council who have provided me with daily emails, updates, webinars, reports, inspiration, predictions, and support. The team members behind each of these organizations have worked day and night, showing not only their passion for the industry and dedication to ensuring we all remain #TourismStrong

Above all else…

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In the words of the incredible Dr. Bonnie Henry. “Be safe. Be Patient. Be Kind. #WeAreAllInThisTogether

Now that you know our Stance on COVID, check out these family-friendly activities you can do safely!

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Is this a sponsored post?: No, we just wanted to share Our Stance On COVID 19 and Summer 2020 with our followers!