Las Vegas is a city which sprouted out of hot sand, becoming one of the best and most recognizable destinations to visit around the entire world. An interesting fact about this city, which is usually not something everyone knows, is that the Las Vegas Strip, the street which is recognizable by many as being a part of Las Vegas is not located in the city at all! Also, the street, which is home to Bellagio, MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace etc. is also not entirely part of the Las Vegas city, geographically speaking. The famous sign that says, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”, basically the symbol of the city, found its place at the entrance to a place known as Paradise. The Las Vegas Strip stretches out some 7 kilometers through Paradise and Winchester, not being a part of Las Vegas throughout the entire stretch. This is all because of taxes and casinos as they were built in the 1950s as the taxes were significantly lower when built in the outskirts of the city center. 

It’s worth mentioning that many casinos are branching into the online business as technology becomes more accessible and the same slots you might play on the game floor in Vegas are available on the Internet. Guts casino accepts Canadian players for example, but nothing stops players from other countries to spend their money there as well, which is one of the benefits of online casinos.

Las Vegas Off Strip

To really get an idea about what is Las Vegas genuinely like behind all the glamour of the Vegas Strip, you should go north to Downtown. It is a bit inconsistent for downtown to be north, but Las Vegas is not your ordinary city. In here you will witness an entirely new perspective towards this city and realize that people normal lives here. Homes are built within infrastructural planning and it might seem that each one of these has its own pool in the back. For shopping fans, in this region you will find an enormous outlet, comparable to a smaller town by size, which is well known for great deals throughout the entire year, so it is worth your time.

Las Vegas is also considered to be a very culinary destination, with a whole array of places to visit and have a quality meal. There are sushi places such as “Kayu”, or “Herbs and Rye”, an exotic restaurant/bar hybrid with a specific style and story which will turn back the clock for you.

Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

If you plan to spend more than a couple of days in Las Vegas, you should consider visiting the Grand Canyon, one of the most popular natural touristic attractions of this region. It is about 5 hours away from the city if you go by car, which we would recommend, as the drive on its own is something special as well. This massive canyon was etched out by the Colorado River, and it is truly something to behold. 

Another interesting spot to visit nearby is the Hoover dam, one of the most significant and important construction accomplishments of its time. This dam has tamed the Colorado River and it also provides fresh water for Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles. It also provides electricity to more than a million people living in the region.

Route 66

For die-hard fans of road trips, we have a special treat for you. Route 66 is America’s most notorious and well-known roads, originating from Chicago and passing through 6 states – Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and California. Even though this road is out of commission there are still huge segments of it which can be driven. Since the road was entirely phased out with modern highways, you need to carefully plan out your route as Route 66 is not properly covered on mapping services, so some detailed research is required. Along the road, you will find a museum dedicated to Route 66’s history and heritage which is definitely something you should visit as well.