Anyone who’s been around me during the months leading up to an election knows that I love politics. I wish that I could know and understand it a whole lot more, but the reality is that I haven’t taken the time to learn it all and hear all sides of the story…My passion for politics comes on the local level, where you see residents of communities stand up and say that they want to make a difference. Some are self-serving, which is often obvious. But some are there because they simply want to make their community a better place to live. I love seeing the passion, the commitment and the time they are willing to commit.

I can’t think that being a politician is an easy job. And while I don’t really want to get into the subject too much (it’s far too much of a touchy subject) I do want to proclaim my admiration for those that are willing to fight for things that they believe in.So you’ll see me at the polls come election time… and if you’re around that night you’ll see me locked into Twitter and Facebook looking to see who’s posting the election results and who the winners are. I’m a geek on many levels and I know it… I’ve crashed many a parties sneaking off on a Saturday night to see if my favorites won the votes.

Good luck to those that are running. To those that win, and those that had enough balls to try.I like people who are willing to try, especially when the odds are against them.