We are living through history, one “unprecedented” day at a time. From no school to sports, to parents working from home and virtual teachers, the only thing normal about our new norm, is that everyday bring new challenges and new opportunities.

While stressful and filled with dread, our lives are equally filled with magical moments, if we’re willing to look for them. Moments of gratitude that remind us just how much we really have.

So we created a simple photo challenge called the “So Much Time” Photo Challenge to encourage you to “step back” and capture the magic that happens in our homes everyday. Moments that you wouldn’t normally have the time to step back and enjoy, but now want to capture to remember these special days spent together as a family. 

The #SoMuchTime Photo Challenge is Easy:

  1. Set a Clock – From the moment you wake up you set an alarm to go off once every hour.
  2. Take A Photo – When the alarm goes off, stop and grab the camera and capture whatever is happening at that moment.
  3. Celebrate – At the end of the day look back at your photos and look for moments that showcase everything you have. Your child doing homework = the opportunity for continued learning. A sink full of dishes = Food that kept your family fueled. A messy room = A fort in the making
  4. If you choose to post on social please tag us at @FamTravelWriter or use hashtag #SoMuchTime

The biggest takeaway for me when I tested out my own challenge is that I had to step back, literally and figuratively to get the images that I was trying to shoot into my frame. Stepping back made me pause and be sure to capture the little things, the way my son bites his tongue when he’s concentrating, or the way my daughter’s hair often resembles my own.

I also learned that I wasn’t very good at sticking to my own rules… I found myself picking up my camera more than on the hour and finding little moments of magic that were happening… like my son doing dishes! It resulted in 121 photos. I’m still sorting…

Here are some of our favorite images from our own photo challenge. These are the more “website friendly” ones, without showing their faces or our home. For those readers who know us well, we don’t like to share very personal images of the kids on the site.

So… who’s up for stepping back while we have #SoMuchTime and taking photos? 

So Much Time Photo Challenge-06
So Much Time Photo Challenge-06
Photo of cherry blossom tree for so much time photo challenge
Woman and girl talking for so much time photo challenge
Boy painting a heart on the window
So much Time Photo Challenge

Is this a sponsored post?: No, we just wanted to share our so much time photo challenge with our followers!