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Jami & Family

Jami Savage

“When my kids grow up, they won’t be sad because I’m gone, they will be happy because we LIVED”

I can still remember my first adventure…

Packed like sardines in a can, my family’s car was cruising towards the coast for a weekend excursion in Vancouver. Though I was only six years old, I can still remember the excitement I felt at the idea of exploring someplace new. An excitement that went into overdrive the second I got that first glimpse of the beautiful skyline, glass and steel towers jutting out over the water like big crooked teeth. As our car winded down the curvy roads, we could feel the pull of the ocean and the music in the mountains.

I was hooked. It was in this moment that I knew my life would be one filled with endless exploration and adventure.

Shortly after this trip, my family relocated to the Vancouver area, allowing me to pack my days with all the adventures that make British Columbia such a wonderful place to call home. Camping, hiking, boating, fishing and so much more, each weekend we could be found out and about, exploring new places and trying new things.

It was during this time where I began to understand just how much of life begins at the end of your comfort zone. While many of my friends became hesitant to try new things as we got older (out of the fear of “looking silly”), you couldn’t stop me from attempting something new and fun, no matter how “silly” I might look at first. My boundless energy and passion for adventure meant that, without fail, I was always the first to cannonball in, strap on the board, hop on the bike, head down the trail, or whatever else we happened to be doing that day. Because for me, new challenges and experiences are always the most fun and create the best memories. And I wouldn’t dare rob myself of these experiences just because I might look silly!

This is a lesson I now get to share it with my husband and two wonderful children. Every day, I try to show them what it means to live a truly “rich” life. A life filled with special moments that only come to those willing to try those “crazy ideas”, say goodbye to comfort zones, jump right into something new, and put away the phone and the map, letting the open road take you where it wants you to go.

I am so thankful for the life I get to live. My years as a Canadian travel writer have allowed me to explore some of the most beautiful places on earth. Far too often, we make the mistake of believing that amazing adventures require large sums of money. But in reality, some of life’s best adventures require nothing more than time and a willingness to explore. For those of us fortunate enough to live in British Columbia, there are incredible wonders to be seen and memories to create just steps from our front door. And for those living elsewhere, I promise you that adventure is right around the corner. You just have to go find it…

In fact, this is the very reason I started Adventure Awaits. To help others see the magic that comes from living a life of exploration with their family. A life filled with smiles and laughs, lessons and memories. And so, as Canada’s premier family travel writer, my hope is that you use our community to educate, motivate and empower yourself to get out there and try new things, explore unique places, and make lifelong memories with your family.

Over the past 4 years, Adventure Awaits has been fortunate enough to work with over 100 brands, including WestJet, Parks Canada, Canadian Tire, Tourism Kauai, and more. This work has taken us on some incredible journeys, including all around British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, as well as Kauai, Canada’s East Coast and deep into the Canadian Rockies. We’ve been featured on CTV, The Vancouver Sun and CBC, and have the honour of being named the Runner Up 2016 Top Vancouver Mom Blogger.

When I’m not out there being Jami Savage “The Family Travel Writer” at Adventure Awaits, I spend my time as Jami Savage The Co-Founder of Savage & Wiser, a Digital Marketing Collective out of Vancouver. In addition to that, I also serve as a Girl Guide Leader and a frequent volunteer at my kids’ schools. Though the roles I fill may vary on any given day, I approach them all with relentless passion and energy. Because anything in life worth doing is worth doing well.

Adventure has been a lifelong passion for me, and I’m excited to share it with you here at Adventure Awaits.

Never Stop Exploring,

Jason Savage

Jason is Jami’s high school sweetheart, and they’ve been married for 10 years and together for over 18. They were recently asked to model in a wedding photo shoot which was a really unique way to commemorate their wedding anniversary.

When Jami and Jason first met Jason was the furthest thing from an outdoorsman, as he grew up on the hockey rink. However after several hikes and amazing adventures Jason now loves being outside with his family and is often the first one to step up and ask, “Where are we off to today?”

One of the most challenging things for Jason is that he doesn’t get to go on all of the adventures that Jami does, as his job isn’t as flexible as Jami’s and he only has so many holidays in the year. This is one of the reasons why you won’t see him featured in all of the family adventures, as he has to stay home and man the fort, however he loves it when the kids come home and share all the “crazy” things that they did and get to list off all the cool things that they saw.

Jason’s ultimate adventure would be a family trip to Australia and New Zealand. An outdoor mecca with an amazing array of adventures makes it the perfect place to take the family to.

Little Adventurer

Jami’s daughter loves adventure and being outdoors with the family. When asked what her favorite family thing to do is, she said, “camping!” which is good, since the family camps for approximately 3 – 4 months of the year! Adventure Awaits has given her a lot of really unique opportunities to go outside her comfort zone, such as ziplining in Kauai, snowmobiling in Whistler, and  river rafting in Jasper. She loves doing adventure sports and even at times challenges her Mom, when she asks things like, “Can I go paragliding?” She wasn’t always this adventurous however Adventure Awaits has really given her the opportunity to lead a more adventurous lifestyle.

When asked, “Where would you go if you could go anywhere” This little explorer quickly responded, “Disneyworld!” Which makes sense… it’s the ultimate place for family adventure and sure to be on her bucket list until the family makes it there!  

Little Mountain Goat

The youngest Savage is perhaps the biggest outdoorsman of the bunch. He goes by “Mountain Goat” when he’s hiking and that’s because he scrambles up the hills faster than anyone else in his family! Perhaps this is because of his upbringing in an Forest Preschool, or because the family spends so much time in the wilderness!

When asked where he would go if he could travel anywhere he said, “New York”. Which his Mother quickly identified as a dream destination as he wants to go and see where the Ninja Turtles live.  Mountain Goat’s favorite adventure was his first helicopter tour in Kauai. When he’s not flying in a helicopter he’s flying on the ice as a hockey player or running bases on the baseball field.

Why are there no pictures of the kids?

So many people have asked more questions about the children.. Who are they? What are their names, and WHY are there no pictures of them? This is done purposefully and for two reasons. The first is to protect them. Jami believes they are safer online and offline if their names and pictures of them are kept offline. The second reason is to protect their privacy. If they choose to have an online presence at some point, they will control the content and how and where it’s posted. Jami wants to give them the right and respect their wishes to share what they want, when they want.

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Adventure Awaits has been able to welcome two contributors onto the site which allows us to bring your more stories, resources, and destinations! Click on their images to visit their pages and learn more about them as well as check out some of their adventures. Erin joined Adventure Awaits in 2016 and says it’s the perfect job for her! Her background in the tourism industry combined with her passion to get outside with her daughter makes Erin the perfect contributor. Learn more about Erin and see her stories here.Sarah joined Adventure Awaits in 2017 and has been seen outside on in the mountains, chasing powder on the hills or racing down the hill on a mountain bike. Sarah’s biggest passion is health and fitness and she loves sharing stories about training for races and events. She’s one inspiring writer! Learn more about her and see her stories here.

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