“You’re taking Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Lessons?” my friend laughed. “All you do is stand up on a board and paddle… why do you need a lesson to be shown how to do that?”

She was right – what exactly was I expecting to learn anyways?

SUP Yoga in Abbotsford

Fun with friends is always amplified when on the water. Thank you Wake Up SUP for hosting!

I had seen people out paddle boarding and it looked like fun, so when I was given the opportunity to try it out, I jumped at the chance. Not only was I going to be able to go – but a whole crew of Adventure Awaits Fans were going to be able to join me … bonus!

We arrived at Albert Dyck Lake and were greeted by Wendy – the owner of Wake Up SUP. She got us geared up, reviewed some safety rules, and before we knew it we were out on the water and trying to stand up on the boards. It was WAY harder then it looked.

Jami Savage and Julia Cobban SUP Yoga

Julia joins us all the way from Thailand to do a SUP Yoga class with Wake Up SUP.

The lesson was so much fun – I didn’t even know there is a right way and a wrong way to hold the paddle… or that straight arms are the proper way to row. Wendy helped us get comfortable on the water with some great games to get our feet “unstuck” from the board.   Our comfort level and confidence quickly grew as we learned how to maneuver our boards around the lake.

SUP Paddleboarding at Albert Dyck Lake

Adventure Awaits hits the water with some friends to try out SUP PaddleBoarding

We learned the different ways to stop and turn.  And some of us even learned how to get back up on the board after falling in.

Paddle boarding is a full-body workout, and for more serious athletes, it is a popular cross-training activity.  Not to mention – so much more beautiful and relaxing than hanging out in the gym!   SUP uses every muscle and is a great way to develop core strength.

This momma was able to sneak away from the kids and spend a lovely night out at the lake.

This momma was able to sneak away from the kids and spend a lovely night out at the lake.

The second half of the class was dedicated to SUP yoga.  What an amazing way to become one with nature – feeling the waves like the pulse of the earth. Meditating, with gentle waves, birds, and a breeze in the background –like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  I am always at home on the water – but this was so much more.  This took us all away from our daily experiences and let us just BE – to appreciate our surroundings, to listen to our bodies, and to relax and be in the moment.  After spending the first hour on the boards we were all very comfortable and assuming the different yoga positions wasn’t as hard as I expected.

Wake Up SUP Yoga Abbotsford

Julia Cobban demonstrates how it’s done at a Wake Up SUP Yoga Class.

We were all sorry that the class ended – and we had been out quite a long time.  The next day we were all calling Wendy booking our next class.

Wendy told us you never know what’s going to happen in an SUP yoga class. You can’t control the environment, the sounds, the animals,  the temperature of the air, the water, or the wind. However being outside on the board you get to breathe clean air and learn to let things go. Let go of control and just surrender. Let the peace come in and relax. That’s what a yoga class is all about.

SUP Yoga in Abbotsford

Julia executes these poses with ease, even though she’s out on the lake with a moving yoga mat!

Since that day I’ve gone back to join Wendy for another class. This time I was fortunate enough to have Julia Cobban join us all the way from Thailand! She demonstrated some amazing SUP poses which were both inspirational an intimidating! I have new goals now – thanks Julia!

Wendy – thank you for introducing us to SUP and SUP Yoga – you have a new group of fans!  Your classes are awesome and we can’t wait to come back

For more information about Wendy’s classes check out Wake Up SUP Yoga

Also follow her on Facebook – check out the night tours!

SUP Headstand

It’s been almost a year since I attempted a head stand, and I’ve never done it on a moving platform. But I started off in a teddy bear pose and then Wendy spotted me and supported me until I could hold the pose myself. It was a pretty awesome way to end the class!