These Flying Hacks Will Make Your Next Flight Smoother and Cheaper

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Soaring through the air in a plane is one of those modern marvels easy to take for granted. For millennia, flying was only a fantasy unavailable to even the richest king.

While flying is relatively affordable today, the costs add up quickly if you’re not careful. Check out these flying hacks to save you big money on your next trip.

Drive Yourself to the Airport

Uber disrupted airport cabs, and now a new model has disrupted them in turn. Now, anybody can drive their own car to the airport and sidestep their notoriously high parking fees by parking at an adjacent lot.

Simply book the reservation online and show it to the attendant upon arrival, and they’ll wave you through and show you where to board the free shuttle bus to your terminal. This model is available to you even if you’re not staying overnight at the hotel whose parking lot you’re using.

For more parking information for Calgary (YYC) Airport or the more than 75 other airports using this model in North America, read up for additional details.

Carry-On Only Saves You Money

Many airlines charge passengers for stowing bags in the luggage compartment now, meaning you can save big by only bringing carry-on luggage. Try to fit everything you’ll need for the trip into two bags that will each fit into the overhead compartment so that you can sidestep these fees.

Plus, you won’t have to wait at the luggage carousel with everyone else. Just take your bags with you off the plane and begin your trip!

Make Your Own Food

You will probably want a snack or meal while waiting in the terminal for your flight or once you’re on the plane. Bringing food from home lets you avoid overpriced airport food.

Some airports have stepped up their game by serving food made by in-demand local restaurants, but it usually doesn’t come cheap and may not be your favourite type of food. Only you know what you like to eat! Control portion size and the level of spice and nutrition by bringing your own food.

Don’t Forget Your Entertainment

Long flights feel shorter when you can enjoy the same entertainment you would at home. Don’t forget to bring your favourite books or magazines with you to read before boarding the plane and while in the air, or whatever movie or television show you want to catch up on.

Some people prefer to do work during the flight and stay busy and productive. Just be sure not to rely on the airport bookstore because it usually only stocks expensive best-sellers.

It’s OK if you’re a little rusty when it comes to flying after remaining grounded for so long, or you’re not up to date on the latest ways flying has changed. Just keep these flying hacks in mind, and your next trip will be less expensive and more enjoyable.


Jami Savage
Jami Savage
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