“You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.” ~Joel Osteen

2018 was a year where I was surrounded and inspired by truly incredible women. Women who faced challenges head-on chased their dreams with relentless passion and pushed themselves out of their own comfort zone in a willingness to risk what could be, for what is. It is with honour and gratitude that I showcase the top 10 women who inspired me in 2018.

The Accidental Activist – Codi Darnell

codi-darnell-and-familyAlways running, but never actually running, Codi and her blog “Help Codi Heal” shares her very personal journey with a spinal cord injury that has left her bound to a wheelchair. The fact that she is still willing to go on adventures and “feel the sand between her toes” even though she can’t actually feel the sand, leaves me inspired every day. I am so excited to see where Codi and her blog grow to in 2019! #YouInspireMeToBeThankful (#androbeabetterwriter)

She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on strongly despite the fear.”

The Muscular Momma – Gwen Thornburn

Have you ever walked into a room only to be greeted with so much great energy that you knew your day was going to be better simply because you saw someone? That is Gwen, the kindest, most fun and outgoing person that I wish I got to workout with more! (Our schedules never align) Speaking of working out, I have serious muscle envy of this woman where I get jealous watching her badass self powerlift weights that I only dream of. From deadlifts to bench press I sear her muscles look over at me and say, “Bring your A game lady!” #YouMakeMeSmile #SoDoesYourMuscles

The Retired Teacher – Beverly Gerwing

bev gerwingFollowing her sons lead in seeking education outside (literally), Bev made the difficult decision to retire from her career with the RCMP and be a full time, stay at home Mom. With this came the role of homeschool teacher and her and her son have blossomed as they whip through their morning lessons so they can get outside and go on adventures. Together they have planned a very exciting across Canada tour in 2019 and I can’t wait to follow along. Life sure is different… #YouInspireHim #YouInspireMeToBeABetterParent

“You become like the five people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully.” ~Jim Rohn

The Race Planner – Maria Burton

maria burtonIf you haven’t heard of Primal Quest let me give you a quick overview… imagine the ultimate adventure race filled with hiking, biking, orienteering, river rafting, rock climbing, and more… now spread that out over BC’s rugged mountain tops for 10 whole days and you have a once in a lifetime experience that racers train years to take part in. None of this would be possible without the vision and relentless dedication to executing a dream that Maria had. This year she brought this incredible race to Squamish, BC and I loved following along on all of the adventures. #YouInspireMeToNeverGiveUp

The Trail Runner – Jen Segger

jen-seggerA participant in the Primal Quest race, this badass mom reminds us all that no matter how strong we are, we can always be stronger. A trail running and adventure addict, Jen travels all around the world coaching athletes on trail running. This year she launched her own trail running retreats and included Costa Rica and Patagonia on the schedule. But her favourite adventures are the ones where she has her little guy by her side. Thank you Jen for reminding all Mom’s that having babies doesn’t mean that adventures have to end!  #YouInspireMeToPursueBiggerEvents

The Mountain Mover – Michelle Obama

michelle-obamaWith the launch of her book “Becoming”, Michelle has launched a social campaign asking the question, “Who are you becoming?” The result, an inspiration feed of #IamBecoming moments from people all around the world showcasing their own stories, celebrating who they are and who they are working to become. The movement has been incredible and I look forward to challenging myself to set my own #IamBecoming moments for 2019. #YouInspireMeToLead

“Leadership isn’t about the next election, it’s about the next generation” ~Simon Sinek

The Better Half – Jessica Wiser

jessica-wiserThere truly is nothing like synergy in the workplace and I am so honoured to have Jessica as a business partner. Every day she challenges me to bring my A-game and is not afraid to have the hard conversations that in the end will make for a better business, end product, or deliverable for the client. Her consistent dedication to our craft and willingness to work with a high energy squirrel like me make everyday fun and entertaining at work. And we say if we’re both 10’s, somehow when we’re together we equal 30 (10 + 10 = 30). #YouInspireMeToBringMyAGame

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” ~Walt Disney

The One That Got Away – Unnamed

woman-on-dockSo many women face emotionally abusive relationships, but this year I saw so many break away from the cycle and get out on their own. With the power of their villages behind them, they stood on their own two feet, as single mothers, but never alone. Help is out there, click here for some resources. #YouInspireMeToSupportOthers

The New Student – Elizabeth Olsen

mom-going-back-to-schoolGoing back to school is never an easy thing, especially for a Mom. Having to juggle the family, volunteer and work commitments, running a household, and leaning on husbands and friends for support is the only way Moms can get through… however this past year I saw a couple Moms choose to further their education and pursue their passion to be in the classroom, and their work ethic and passion for what they are pursuing are inspiring. #YouInspireMeToNeverStopLearning

The Passionate Personal Trainer – Sasha Myers

sasha-myersOwner of True North Strength and Fitness, I have the honor of calling Sasha my personal trainer. Her relentless pursuit to challenge others to be the absolute best version of themselves is inspiring. I love how she is committed to helping me develop strength so that I can continue living my adventurous life as long as possible. Watch for my bigger muscles in 2019! #YouInspireMeToBeTheStrongestVersionOfMyself

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” ~Mark Ambrose

The Writer – Steph Jagger

steph-jaggerMy favourite book of 2018 was Unbound by Steph Jagger. A thrilling personal story of her attempt to ski the most vertical in one year takes her around the world, ski village to ski village chasing deep pow and big love. Applauded by the likes of Jessica Mulroney, the only question I wanted to ask at the end of the book was, “When does the next one come out?” #YouInspireMeToWrite #YouinspiredTheseHashtags #YouKnowThisToBeTrue

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