Long weekend season is upon us, and my favorite thing to do is head out of town! We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and weekends should be enjoyed with a combination of relaxation and outdoor exploration.

When choosing the perfect long weekend destination I look for places that include:

Outdoor Recreation

Little boy walking on Sunshine Coast Trail

This can include family friendly hiking, swimming pools or hot springs, sandy beaches for playing on, or seasonal activities such as wakeboarding or mountain biking.

Eco Exploration

Terracentric Coastal Adventures First Mate

The kids loved being out on the water.

Whether it’s a family eco tour through desolation sound, a guided hike, or a self guided tour through a special eco system I like to take the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of an area.

Unique Accommodations


Whether you’re looking for a unique hotel, or a glamping experience, travelling gives us the perfect opportunity to think outside the box and try new places to stay.


Marine Supply and Hardware Store Anacortes, WA

My husband is a history buff and if there’s an opportunity to sneak some educational opportunities into our trip for the kids I’ll do that too. Anacortes is an example of a city where you can explore a boutique town that has great historical sites and features wound through the streets.

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