Toronto is known for its many flavours. Take a walk downtown, and you’ll see what we mean. From diverse cuisines to historic districts, the many Toronto luxury suites, to world-famous landmarks, Toronto is a city well worth visiting. But travelling in the current climate is risky. Here’s how you can minimize that risk.

The success of any trip hinges on where you stay. In the past, Airbnbs were a cheap and easily accessible option for travellers. But with health and safety at the forefront of public consciousness, Airbnbs are no longer your best bet. Here’s why.


1. The Decline of Home-Sharing

The main reason why travellers are steering clear of Airbnb is the platform’s fundamental purpose: home-sharing. For months, people have been afraid to leave their houses without a face mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Sharing someone else’s home is simply out of the question.

The truth is, Airbnb has no way of enforcing hygiene standards. The multibillion-dollar company has millions of listings in every corner of the world. Plus, signing up to be a host has become a quick cash grab for a local in need. Without dedicated staff, proper cleaning equipment, and strict procedures in place, any guarantee of cleanliness on behalf of the company means nothing.

2. Lack of Trust Between Guests and Hosts

Airbnb relies on a system of trust. Unlike hotels and luxury suites, the company provides nothing more than a means of connecting tourists with volunteer “hosts.” Guests rely on hosts to deliver the same accommodations they promise through the internet. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.

For today’s health-conscious traveller, blind trust just isn’t enough. Travelling during a pandemic is risky, and Airbnb exacerbates that risk.

3. Frustrating Cancellation and Refund Policies

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, no one was surprised when Airbnb guests rushed to cancel their reservations. They were met, however, with an array of obstacles preventing them from receiving the refunds they were entitled to. Customers were asked to provide documentation, including letters from employers, while others were told they’d missed the travel-date window outlined in the refund policy.

On Twitter, guests resorted to tweeting the hashtag #Airbnbrefundmenow to vent their frustrations. Many emailed the company’s CEO in the hopes of receiving reimbursement.

A Risk-Free Option for Short-Term Travellers

When it comes to staying with Airbnb in 2020, the risks far outweigh the benefits. In the age of social distancing and mandatory mask-wearing, strict sanitization standards are no longer an afterthought for travellers—they’re an essential requirement.

With its millions of highly dispersed listings, Airbnb has always been known for an equally diverse range of experiences. Before the pandemic, worst-case scenarios meant unexpected fees or cat hair on the couches. In extreme cases, hosts were untrustworthy—falsifying damage or never showing up for check-in.

Today, as we continue to feel the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, worst-case scenarios can carry deadly consequences.

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