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The kids had put themselves to bed early the night before, as they knew I had a big surprise for them the next morning. I managed to keep it under wraps until we pulled into the Treetop Flyers Zipline Kamloops parking lot where the squeals of excitement burst out. “I finally get to go zip lining!” my 7 year old son said. “Thank you Mom!” For the past couple of years my son had been stuck at home while my daughter and I zip lined in Whistler and Kauai, but today was his day to make his zip lining debut and he couldn’t be more excited.

Located a 35 minute drive east of Kamloops is Treetop Flyers. With 3 zip lines, 2 waterfalls and the ability to be a child and scream as you soar through a canyon, Treetop Flyers is an ultimate adventure for kids 6 years and above. With a minimum weight of 60 pounds and a chair style seat, younger children can try zip lining and experience what it’s like to be a thrill seeker and zip through the trees!

Orientation at Base Camp

Boy getting on zipline gear at Treetop Flyers Zipline KamloopsAfter checking in and signing release forms, it was time to learn how to get into our gear. After a few wiggles and custom fitting with help from our guides, we were strapped in and ready to try out the first line!

Smile For The Camera

Boy zip lining at treetop flyers zipline KamloopsMy son was WAY too excited to turn and pose for Mom and take pictures! He was literally shaking with excitement as he awaited our guide to let the brake off and set him soaring through the air!

Time for Bigger Adventures!

Treetop Flyers Zipline Kamloops vanNow that we had all perfected our zip lining skills (and the guides knew no one was going to back out) we loaded into the super cool Treetop Flyers Zipline Kamloops van and took the ten-minute drive up the country road to our canyon zip lines.

Base Camp Number 2

Zipline track at Treetop Flyers Zipline KamloopsAfter parking our van and walking up through mountain goat country, we were at base camp number two where the kids got to see the canyon below. They all were so excited (showing no fear) and jockeyed for positioning as to who would go first!

Leading by Example

Jami Savage on zipline at Treetop Flyers Zipline KamloopsObviously I love doing adventures with my kids and I strongly encourage other Moms to do the same. Being an active participant and doing activities with your kids allows for a whole different experience rather than standing on the sidelines and watching them play. They will only be little once, so soak in as many opportunities to go on adventures with them!

Smiling Seven Year Old

Boy in front of creek canyon at Treetop Flyers Zipline KamloopsMy son loved going over the river and felt like a daredevil, asking for myself and the staff to snap photos to show Dad when we got back from our adventure! With amazing scenery like this, it was easy to be taking photos the whole time!

Wonderful Waterfalls

Waterfall at Treetop Flyers Zipline KamloopsWe were soaring between two mountains, Mount Skatcher and Mount Boise. They came together to create the perfect ravine for three waterfalls to flow out of Pillar Lake, making for this amazing scenery. My daughter is a huge fan of waterfalls so this was a pretty “epic” experience in her books.

Upside Down Waterfalls

Jami Savage on zipline at Treetop Flyers Zipline KamloopsI always try to push myself out of my comfort zone, so when given permission to take my hands off the handle and throw myself upside down, I had to say yes (even though my head was telling me no)! These chances to test yourself and to see the world from a different perspective are always worth trying!

You Go Girl

Girl on zipline at Treetop Flyers Zipline KamloopsLife is filled with times where you need to go outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s standing up to a bully in school, asking your boss for a raise, or becoming an entrepreneur, being comfortable facing adversity is a life skill. This is why I think it’s so important to challenge my kids to get outside their comfort zone whenever I can (in a safe environment). My nine year old demonstrates confidence and stands out at times compared to her peers when trying new things. So when you can, take your kids to do something new!

Apres Zip Hike

Creek at Treetop Flyers Zipline KamloopsAfter the hike, our guides took us down a little side trail that led to a beautiful waterfall (the same waterfall that we had just soared above!). I would recommend bringing a picnic lunch and coming back here after your zip line tour is over to spend the afternoon!

Thank you Treetop Flyers Zipline Kamloops for a fun and educational morning of zip lining! To learn more about Treetop and plan your own visit check out their website.

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Is this a sponsored post?: While we were graciously invited to experience zip lining with Treetop Flyers Zipline Kamloops, all of our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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