I’ve come to accept that I’m not going to be a whiz in the kitchen, and that on school pot luck days my kids may come with a cheese and cracker plate. Sure, I can whip up a Pinterest inspired fruit plate every now and again, but the reality is that the kitchen is NOT my domain. My house is clean, but not always tidy, and I’m happy to trade in an adventure for a day of cleaning on any given opportunity. As they say, I’m domestically challenged. And that’s a designation I’m okay with.

It’s not that I have anything against what society would define as a typical mom. Actually, I love that every day society is changing their definitions of what they should look like and the standard that moms should stay at home is shifting. I’m inspired by the variety that exists in my own village, from full time working Moms who are our Doctors, to part time working moms who are going back to school, to stay at home moms who are volunteering their hearts out, to moms who love being home makers and embrace and embody it in every way. I think I fall in a couple of those categories making up my own designation of, “This is what works for me.”

I hope to use this blog to connect with other moms who want to live a life filled with adventure. Who want to hike, camp and explore with their children. Who see Mother Nature as something worth protecting, because she is the reason for things so much bigger than our own existence. Who want to raise children in the outdoors. Who will challenge their children both physically and mentally, through leading them outside their comfort zone. Who ideals are based on passion and excitement for the every day, and what will happen “some day”.

I know I’m not a typical mom, thank God it looks good on me.