If there’s water around, chances are you’ll find me in it. I’m a water baby by design, and think that most problems in life can be solved if water is involved. I have always loved the ocean. Perhaps I was a mermaid in a previous life.When I found out about the waterfalls at Whatcom Lake I had to go and check it out. We loaded up the kids with suits, towels and floaties and hit the trails for the quick 3 minute walk to the falls. We were welcomed by a group of people who were jumping off the water falls.

It’s interesting how sometimes you don’t realize how different you are from other people. How your paradigm of what’s normal can be so different from others. I went with another family with four children, and before I knew it I was in the middle of the waterfall, surrounded by 6 children, while the other mom was on the shores with the little guy. I often find myself engaged in the activity, “doing” rather than watching. And as I get older I find myself to be a bit of an anomaly. I guess I just haven’t grown up yet.I was in heaven being in this adventure. We were going to swim in a new area and jump off a water fall. I’ve never done that before, and was pretty proud of my kids for wanting to try the something so new. It wasn’t a huge waterfall (about 8 feet) so big enough to be intimidating, but small enough that we could tackle it as a team.

And we did. And it was amazing!!!

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