Family adventure days are a tradition in our house and our children often wake up and ask, “Are we going on an adventure today.” Music. To. My. Ears! Embarking on a family adventure in Whistler was going to be easy with so many things to choose from. However the snow wasn’t gracing the mountains like we were hoping so we were a bit at a loss of what to.We visited the activity center locate at the base of the mountain and asked about tours for young families. The host quickly suggested “Ziptrek’s Tree Trek Tour” Our family would be able to visit all of the suspension bridges and tour the rain forest 20 stories about the ground. Sounded like a good time to me so we signed up.It was a BEAUTIFUL day with bright blue skies and we were excited to meet our host, Ash, and head off to the tree tops. We boarded a Zip Trek Tour bus and took a ten minute ride up to the start of our tour.

Whistler Tree Top Tour Entrance

Time to head off into and start our Tree Trek Tour! I love the slogan “Eco-Exhilaration”

Ziptrek Tour Host Ash

“Come on into the Rain Forest” welcomes Ash


Upon entering the kids were excited to cross the suspension bridges and climb the stairs. They were even a bit apprehensive once they realized how high we were, but they got over that quickly.

Tree top suspension bridges

Kids were excited to walk over suspension bridges 20 stories above the ground.

Tree Trek Tree House

The kids were excited to see the “tree house.”

Tree Top Bridges

The bridges were slippery so we had to walk across slowly!

Our host was AMAZING. She kept the tour very educational and fun and filled us with interesting facts about the rain forest we were in. We often forget how lucky we are to live so close to such an amazing place. It’s easy to be reminded of it when you’re surrounded by tourists who can’t get enough of something we take for granted.  Ash was amazing though at engaging the little ones, keeping us all engaged, entertained, and moving!

Stairs to no where...

Where do these stairs lead? They are the steps you take if you’re out ziplining… but it was pretty odd to see stairs to nowhere!


Some of the tour highlights were…

  • Seeing the holes in the trees that the wood peckers had tested for bugs.
  • Climbing up into a “tree fort” in a tree that was 800 years old. The trees name was “Big Doug!”
  • Trekking over suspension bridges that looked down over Fitzsimmons Creek
Fitzsimmons Creek

Stunning views over Fitzsimmons Creek

  • Learning about bears, cougars and other animals
  • Seeing people “zip” over top of us! One of the lines was over 2km long! (The rider was going really fast!)
  • Ziptrek Eco Tours Whistler

    See that black spec in the top middle of the photo? That’s a Zip Liner flying by on a over 2km line!!! #adventure

    The whole tour was around two hours and was perfect for a young family. Our kids had no problem keeping up the whole time and they really enjoyed every aspect of the tour. It was great value for our family as it was $39 / adult and kids were free. If you booked online ahead you could save another 10 – 15%!

    Vantage Point on Tree Top Tour

    Kids loved all the climbing and hiking through the forest.

    The company trademarked the phrase “eco-exhilaration” and I think it’s absolutely an amazing slogan. It’s clear that they care so deeply about the environment and conservation. Some examples of this I saw were:

    • A major focus on education and enjoyment for all riders and forest explorers.
    • Every ticket purchased includes a donation to one of the many charities they support.
    • Company mantra of “eco-exhilaration” = amazing!
    Sustainable Corporations

    Their commitment to sustainability was obvious throughout the whole tour.

    Our guide was an amazing host. An Australian who had left her office job to travel around the world and live her dreams of doing something she loved. It was clear that shew as very passionate about her work, about working with people, about the education and the conservation of our beautiful forests. Being an Aussie, Whistler was the complete opposite of home for her, and she even shared the story about the first time she ever saw snow… a mere 3 weeks ago!!!

    The very kind, passionate and knowledgeable Ash poses for a pic at the end of the tour.

    The very kind, passionate and knowledgeable Ash poses for a pic at the end of the tour.

    We hope we get to go back again soon… Zip Lining is on bucket list and perhaps it would be a great way to kick off my new “Adventure Birthdays!”  One thing that I think is really neat is that children 6 and older can Tandem with their parents… I think our next adventure is already in the making…

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