Jami Savage Evaluating the Nomadic Family LifestyleI recently posted the question, “Would you save up, take a year off and give up everything to travel the world with your kids?” And the outstanding response was “yes!”

When posed with the exact same question myself, I know that my own answer has changed over time, but if I was given the opportunity right now to have a bank full of savings and the capacity to take a year off with my family and travel, my answer would be no.

Surprised at my answer? I am too!

The reality is that since entering the travel writing world 4 years ago, I have been exposed to a variety of families who have done just this, and I live vicariously through their Instagram feed as they pose for iconic photos around the world. But while the romance with ticking destinations off my bucket list would be incredible, I think the passion and excitement would phase and the routine of travelling would wear.

Evaluating The Nomadic Family Lifestyle – Here are 5 reasons why you won’t see me announce a worldwide trip for our family:

  1. Kids Crave Routine – While we absolutely love to travel, the kids also love coming home. The routine of school and sports is an integral part of who they are and while ice cream on the beach is fun, they function better with regular meals and less sugar. While this can be achieved while travelling, it’s very difficult.
  2. Husbands Career – While some organizations offer programs that allow employees to save up and take a year leave of absence, I don’t believe this is an option for my husbands’ career. Plus, my husband loves his job and while an extended vacation sounds lovely, I know he’d be anxious to get back to work!
  3. My Business – While my business is portable, having to rely on battery power, internet and phone signals, all while juggling time zones, kids sleep, food, and accommodations can be exhausting. My business is my third child and it still needs me heavily involved daily.
  4. Travelling Too Much – I don’t ever want my kids to take travel for granted. But I think the novelty of getting on a plane can wear off and the logistics of travel can too. I like to focus on single destinations where we can really sink into a culture and make the most of our visit.
  5. Nuts – With my daughter’s severe nut allergy, travelling to many countries would be beyond challenging. Different levels of acceptance/education, language barriers, timing and access to food make us stay well within our comfort zone when travelling.

These may seem like excuses for not taking on an epic adventure, and if you push me hard enough I may agree. However, having been given opportunities to travel and having to decide how we want to plan our lives out, we do believe that having a balance of home and travel adventure is the best mix for our family.

After evaluating the nomadic family lifestyle decide what the best mix for your family is!

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