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As an established family travel blog, we have earned a group of dedicated followers who are interested in hands-on outdoor activities and eco-tourism based destinations.

We regularly with work tourism boards, individual hotels, and adventure companies, to create campaigns that help educate and inspire our followers to pursue future trips to featured destinations. Our campaigns are all-inclusive, offering pre, during, and post social media coverage, article and video production, as well as integration into other articles. We also ensure our campaigns are evergreen, giving destinations dedicated space off our main menu bar.

A word of warning: We only believe in promoting places and products that we believe in and would invest our own money in. We take our responsibility as Travel Writers very seriously and know that our recommendations are taking as such from our followers. Therefore, please note that we will decline partnership opportunities if they are not in line with our core values. (link to core values)

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Over the past 3 years we’ve worked with over 50 brands including Westjet, Parks Canada, Canadian Tire, Tourism Kauai and have been featured on CTV, The Vancouver Sun and CBC. (add in links) 

As micro-influencers (under 100,000 followers), we know our niche and our market very well. We have loyal followers who share our passion and we provide them with inspiration and practical skills that we know interest them. We see this through the high level of engagement that our blogs and social media posts receive. Did you know that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations? Many of our readers are influenced by our experiences and plan their vacations based on what our family has shared. We take great pride in providing quality information, photos and videos to our followers. You can be assured that Adventure Awaits will promote your brand well.

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What Others Are Saying

  • "Jami Savage recently spoke at my YVR Travellers Meetup (a community of Vancouver-based travellers and travel bloggers) about her passion for family adventure travel as a entrepreneurial mom and she moved and inspired the audience. I got lots of positive feedback from her presentation and I would highly recommend getting Jami to speak at your company, organization, or event"

    Ricky Shetty, Founder,
  • "Jami was one of the first bloggers that we had chosen to partner with for our "Coastal Christmas" festivities – she set the bar so high for everyone who came after her! Her email communication leading up to the visit was thorough, and we easily agreed on the details of what was expected after she and the family spent the weekend with us. Jami was prompt on the delivery of the posts, and did a great job at documenting the experience in real-time on her social media accounts. She has continued to be an essential ambassador for our destination and we are thrilled with the work she has done."

    Amanda Hubik, Marketing & Promotions Director, Anacortes Chamber of Commerce
  • "Hi Jami, that's wonderful news! Thanks so much for sharing; I've sent your article along to Hotel Zed as well and they love it! Please let us know when you're next in Victoria, we'd be happy to help. Thanks! Katie"    

    Katie Dabbs, Media Relations Coordinator, Tourism Victoria
  • "Jami is a pleasure to work with, she always goes above and beyond and is extremely responsive. We've enjoyed our experience working with her and look forward to working with her again in the future!"

    Daniel Katz, Business Development, DWOM Media Inc.
  • "Jami helped to organize a group of 16 women to have an adventure on the Sunshine Coast. She arranged to rent kayaks for half the group, all adventure seeking, fun and ready for a great experience. I was impressed with the blog produced by Jami, as she really captured the day with great photos and video, and an interesting and accurate write up. I now find myself following her exploits on Twitter and Facebook - Adventure Awaits!"

    Laurie Reid, Owner, Pedals and Paddles
  • "Thank you so much for the great article and promotion. We've seen a big increase in bookings since your campaign went out! We look forward to working with you again!"

    Alina Bank, Experience Manager, Vancouver Mysteries
  • "Jami Savage delivered a fast paced and information-dense presentation about finding sponsorships for travel blogs to our BC Travel Writers Meetup. Among the comments were, "Great talk. Lots of practical tips to optimize and monetize a travel blog," and "Jami clearly works hard for her success and she shared a lot of useful, specific info.." Jami was so informative that we intend to have her speak at our annual symposium this year. She knows what she's talking about."  

    Mari Kane, Communications Director, BCATW
  • "Awesome. Not going to lie I got a bit emotional.  Such a great little person you have there---must be really proud. Thank you!"  

    Brett Soberg, Owner, Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours
  • "Jami has been a pleasure to work with, which is why she has become one of my go-to partners for a variety of client projects. She is passionate about working with brands that align with her values, which means that any messaging is integrated into her feeds in a seamless way. Her boundless energy is devoted to ensuring both the client and her audience see value in the partnership. Looking forward to working with her once again in the future!"

    Sarah Smith, Head of Community, Patio

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Jami Savage, Family Travel Writer

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Indian Proverb

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