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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Indian Proverb

Jami Savage

Lifelong Adventurer, Mom, writer

Jason Savage

“Where are we off to today?”

Little Adventurer

A beach girl

Little Mountain Goat

The biggest outdoorsman


I’m Jami, lifelong adventurer, Mom, writer, environmental advocate and unrelenting optimist dedicated to helping you have an adventure filled life.

I was raised on Vancouver’s west coast and spent my childhood exploring the province, hiking, biking, boating and camping at every opportunity. My passion and my laptop combined has allowed me to grow an environmentally focused blog that empowers thousands every month.

Which brings me to you…

I’m here for you. Adventure Awaits is built on a passion for adventure, empowering you to live your best life, and showing you all the best places to explore.

Through our free content, upcoming retreats, and other opportunities we may showcase, we’re here to empower, educate, entertain, and inspire you to live an adventure filled life. A life that goes beyond what’s for dinner, your kids crazy sports schedule, and take your own dreams off the backburner and help make them come to fruition.

I couldn’t do it alone and am excited to introduce you to my biggest supporters and fellow adventurers… #TeamSavage!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Adventure Awaits. I’m honoured that we have connected and connected and I’m excited for the adventures ahead.

Never Stop Exploring,

Jason Savage

Jason is my high school sweetheart, and we’ve been married for 15 years and together for over 23. When I first met Jason he was the furthest thing from an outdoorsman, as he grew up an the hockey rink. However after several hikes and amazing adventures Jason now loves being outside with our family and is often the first one to step up and ask, “Where are we off to today?”

One of the most challenging things for Jason is that he doesn’t get to go on all of the adventures that I do, as his job isn’t as flexible as mine and he only has so many holidays in the year. This is one of the reasons why you won’t see him featured in all of the family adventures, as he has to stay home and man the fort, however he loves it when the kids come home and share all the “crazy” things that they did and get to list off all the cool things that they saw.

Jason’s ultimate adventure dream was to go on a month long family trip to Australia - which we made happen in 2019. Now it’s only sparked future dreams… New Zealand? Iceland? Caribbean Island hopping? Or perhaps a major BC oceanside oasis… the adventure awaits.

Little Adventurer

My daughter loves adventures and being outdoors with the family. When she was recently asked what her favorite adventure was she said “camping!” which is good, since we typically camp for approximately 3 – 4 months of the year!

Adventure Awaits has given her a lot of really unique opportunities to go outside her comfort zone, such as ziplining in Kauai, snowmobiling in Whistler, and river rafting in Jasper. She loves doing adventure sports and even at times challenges her Mom, when she asks things like, “Can I go paragliding?” She wasn’t always this adventurous however Adventure Awaits has really given her the opportunity to lead a more adventurous lifestyle.

When asked, “Where would you go if you could go anywhere” This little explorer quickly responded, “Bahamas!” Which makes sense… she’s a beach girl and summer has her heart. I often wonder if when she’s older if she’ll choose a career that allows her to travel to a beach location often or relocate to life on a beach. (I’m okay with that as long as she takes me with her!)

Little Mountain Goat

The youngest Savage is perhaps the biggest outdoorsman of the bunch.

He goes by “Mountain Goat” when he’s hiking and that’s because he scrambles up the hills faster than anyone else in our family! Perhaps this is because of his upbringing in a Forest Preschool, or because the we spend so much time outside! (He takes after me!)

When asked where he would go if he could travel anywhere he said, “Disneyworld!”. Which is pretty typical for a kid who loves superheroes. I’ll be sure to try to make his travel dreams come true, but hope to head over to the Caribbean to do some island hopping while we’re there too!

Life-Changing Moments

Adventure Awaits helps inspire and educate women how to live adventure-filled lives and use eco-outdoor based experiences as the catalyst to take purposeful actions to create positive change in their lives.

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