Prince Edward Island
Rich in Maritime History, Surrounded by the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the Atlantic Ocean and Canada’s Smallest Province.

Step away from the day-to-day and come experience island life—Prince Edward Island life. Let the fields of wild flowers and tall grasses that sprawl naturally across the landscape welcome you to a slower style of living. Then give yourself over to the laid-back culture and discover why people keep coming back to this little island on the east coast.

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Explore Prince Edward Island

An outdoor oasis, every path you follow in PEI leads to adventure—and the sea. Walk along white sandy beaches set amongst red sandstone cliffs. Dig in the sand and bury your feet before racing into the ocean to play and wash the tiny grains from your body. 

Take in the seaside vistas as you cycle or walk along the Confederation Trail that stretches the length of the entire island. Discover historic lighthouses that—though retired for years—stand steadfast and strong at their lookout points. 

By the time you head home, you will have fallen in love with the landscape and forged a connection to the community. The boats lined up in the harbour will fill you with a sense of peace knowing that the sailors—whom you don’t even know—made it home. And, more than anything, you will wish you didn’t have to leave so soon.

Things to do
Prince Edward Island

It may be the smallest province in Canada, but do not underestimate the adventures that await you on Prince Edward Island. It takes only 3 hours to drive the entire island—tip-to-tip—but every inch is packed with authentic island experiences. All you have to decide is what you should do first.


Do you enjoy long walks on the sand or prefer to let your kids bury you under it? However you do beach-day, PEI has the beach for you. 1100 KM of shoreline wraps its way around the island resulting in countless can’t-miss beaches. With over 90 sandy retreats to choose from—each with their own appeal—all you need to bring are the buckets, shovels and a good novel or two and let nature take care of the rest.


Fishing is synonymous with PEI and an important industry on the island. Climb on board a fishing vessel and be a fisherman for a day—or at least a few hours. Feel the wind and salty spray of the sea on your face as you head out to the fishing grounds. Let the serenity of the ocean wash over you until you’re interrupted by a happy cry of “Mom, I got a bite!”

Trail Networks

Whether hiking, cycling or mountain biking, the trails that criss-cross the island are waiting for you. From the well-known Confederation Trail to trails that hug the coastline and others that lead you inland, there are a wide variety of easy paths and advanced routes to choose from. No cycling gear? No problem. Bike rentals—and the necessary safety equipment—are available to rent throughout the island.


When the outdoors are as beautiful as they are in PEI, why leave them? Camping is a great way to keep your island experience outside. Whether you want to sleep close to the ocean, under the forest canopy or away from it all, the mix of private and public campsites throughout the province will have you dreaming beneath the stars.

Water Sports

A true islander loves the ocean. Pick an adventure and take advantage of some of the warmest waters north of the Carolinas. From kayaking and parasailing to canoeing and kiteboarding, there is a way for every type of adventurer to get out and experience the sea.

Anne of Green Gables

Calling all Anne of Green Gables fans! Back In 1908 a Canadian author by the name of L. M. Montgomery brought the scenery of Prince Edward Island to life with her words, in the classic novel Anne of Green Gables. People throughout the world fell in love with the small island Anne Shirley called home and, to this day, hundreds of thousands of visitors come each year to Green Gables Heritage Place to visit the site that inspired Montgomery. And if you find yourself in Charlottetown, PEI for the Charlottetown Festival, don’t miss the popular musical version of the story that runs each year.

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