Sun. Sand. Surf.

The magic of California doesn't just exist in Disneyland, it is everywhere. From the warm sandy shores, all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge, to the top of Mount Shasta and even through the leaves of the tallest palm tree, the magic is alive in everything in the Golden State.

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Let the sun warm your heart as it rises and descends in the bright blue sky, allowing you to see the mesmerising stars and feel the warm daylight. Let the rolling waves calm you, and the salty smell make you feel at peace, while you feel the warmth from the sun and the Californian breeze.
Go crazy in the water with your colourful surfboard and just have fun! Surf your way through the Pacific Ocean, leave the stress at home. Be free and catch those waves!

Fun Facts
  • California was an independent country for about a month in 1846.
  • California is home to about 40 million people, which is approximately ⅛ of the US population, and more than Canada
  • California gets over 100,000 earthquakes a year.
  • In the summer months, the Sierra Nevada surprises people with its “watermelon snow.” As a result of microscopic algae, pink-tinted snow covers the mountains, and some even say it smells and tastes like watermelon.
  • California is quite the inventive state. They have invented wetsuits, skateboards, Barbie dolls, Apple products, Frisbee, and even the Internet.
  • In 1579, Sir Francis Drake went to California and took possession of the country in the name of Queen Elizabeth. He called it New Albion.
  • California is home to the Silicon Valley, San Jose, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the city is the largest tech hub in the United States. Some of these companies include eBay, PayPal, VeriFone, Adobe, Calyx Software, Cisco, and Western Digital. These companies have taken the lead in the industry and employed many Californians.
  • The first motion picture theater opened in L.A. on April 02, 1902.
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