As an established family travel blog, we have earned a group of dedicated followers who are interested in hands-on outdoor activities and eco-tourism based destinations.

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We regularly with work tourism boards, individual hotels, and adventure companies, to create campaigns that help educate and inspire our followers to pursue future trips to featured destinations. Our campaigns are all-inclusive, offering pre, during, and post social media coverage, article and video production, as well as integration into other articles. We also ensure our campaigns are evergreen, giving destinations dedicated space off our main menu bar.

A word of warning: We only believe in promoting places and products that we believe in and would invest our own money in. We take our responsibility as Travel Writers very seriously and know that our recommendations are taking as such from our followers. Therefore, please note that we will decline partnership opportunities if they are not in line with our core values.

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From micro stories to full articles, readers are left with inspiration and practical skills to plan their own trip to your destination.

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We will take our followers on a behind the scenes tour of your experience showcasing everything you have to offer.

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Do you have a product that you’re looking to promote to the outdoor family community? We’d love to help!

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Motivational stories and inspirational presentations where I share what got me into travel writing and how it has transformed my life.

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We are always looking for new places to explore and great companies to work with. Check out our media kit and contact us should you like to connect!