Nova Scotia
Historical attractions, beach-time-bliss, hikes, kayak trips or fresh lobster.

Come explore the colours of Nova Scotia where vibrant landscapes twist and bend effortlessly into one another as they make their way to the water’s edge. Rolling green hills give way to sandy beaches and clear, turquoise waters while rocky escarpments drop to rugged shorelines. The setting sun envelops the world in a multitude of dusky hues and even the buildings and fishing boats pop with colour and whimsey—greatly mirroring the spirit and charm of the local communities.

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Explore Nova Scotia

Known as Canada’s Ocean Playground, you are never more than 70km away from the sea no matter where you are in this Maritime province. Breathe in the salty ocean air as you relax on the beach or let your fingers glide through the water as you take a break from paddling your kayak. Get up close and personal with one of the quintessential fishing communities that dot the shore and visit the iconic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse perched on windswept rocks. 

Discover hiking trails that weave through old growth forests and others that lead to lookout points you will never want to leave. Enjoy sweeping views of the coastline and discover for yourself that no filter could do justice to what is naturally Nova Scotia.

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Nova Scotia

Don’t let Nova Scotia’s small size fool you—from the highest cliffs to the sand that’s only exposed when the moon pulls the water to its lowest tide—this Maritime province is packed with adventure. Whether you’re looking for historical attractions, beach-time-bliss, hikes, kayak trips or fresh lobster, you are guaranteed to find it all in one of the seven regions across this beautiful province.

Halifax Metro

Nova Scotia’s capital city of Halifax is an urban oasis perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Feel the energy of the harbour as you walk the 4km boardwalk that follows the shoreline. Stop for a meal of freshly caught seafood and explore local vendors and artisans to garner an appreciation for this east coast hub.

Yarmouth & Acadian Shores

A region steeped in history, culture and starlight. Part of North America’s first starlight destination, come here under the veil of darkness to view the night sky shimmering above you.

Northumberland Shore

The shorelines stretch for miles along some of the warmest ocean water beaches in Atlantic Canada. This is the spot many Scottish immigrants first came to after their long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Discover the roots of Nova Scotia—meaning New Scotland in Latin—by visiting the town Pictou. Relax on the beach, play on the water and immerse yourself in the Gaelic culture surrounding you.

Eastern Shore

Surfing swells and white sandy beaches await you in the Eastern Shore region of Nova Scotia. It is here you will find some of the best cold-water surfing on the east coast of North America. And when we say cold we mean COLD! With temperatures as low as 0oC, these waters are not for the faint of heart. For a different—less adrenaline fuelled—adventure, visit the 100 Wild Islands for a close-up encounter with undisturbed nature. This archipelago boasts diverse landscapes and breathtaking views—a true hidden gem.

South Shore

Where tourist attractions meet back-country adventures. The South Shore region is home to two of the most iconic sites in Nova Scotia: Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse and the Bluenose II. But beyond these well-known attractions you will find beautiful beaches, hiking trails, paddling adventures and the welcoming vibe of quaint, seaside towns.

Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley

Known for its high tides and award-winning wine region, Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley is waiting for you. The waters here are one big playground for 12 species of whales who come to feast, play and mate in the region every year. 300 foot cliffs tower above the shoreline offering panoramic views of some of the most extreme tides in the world. Spend your day soaking in the salty air and ocean-top adventures before wrapping it all up with a glass of locally-made wine and fresh cuisine.

Cape Breton Island

Here lies the world-renowned Cabot Trail that hugs the mountainside and paves the way through much of Cape Breton Island. The sweeping coastal views and Celtic experience will take up residence in your heart forever because there is a feeling to the Island that can only be experienced—not explained.

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