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Do You Want to Spread the Word About Your Awesome Adventure Company?

As an adventure company you’re passionate about two things, the environment you work in and the amazing adventures you get to take people on showcasing where you live.

We regularly work with companies of all sizes to help promote their adventures to their target market. Whether it’s a helicopter tour, kayaking expedition, ATV tour, or animal encounter, we will take our followers on a behind the scenes tour of your experience showcasing everything you have to offer.

When you work with us we will also provide you with all of the content we create so that you can use it on your social media channels and blogs. Many companies repost our blogs (like Cypress Mountain) on their own websites! We will also create a custom article for our website that will forever stay under the featured destination allowing the content to be found for years to come.

We look forward to sharing our passion for adventures with you and helping you tell your story to the world!

What Campaigns Include

Our campaigns are extensive and similar to an iceberg, where the end posted article is only a fraction of what goes into each campaign. Our campaigns include:

  • Creating a full social media and integrated article campaign.
  • Doing social media posts before and during the visit on all three platforms [Facebook, Instagram (photos and stories) and Twitter].
  • Full blog article(s) with photos and video integration.
  • Post visit social, including a 1 minute, edited compilation showcasing our experience.
  • Follow up social when the blog article is posted.
  • Pinterest specific posts and boards to help with long-term reach.
  • Articles are fully optimized for SEO ensuring long-term organic reach.
  • Integration into other articles such as, “Top 5 Long Weekend Escapes”
  • Evergreen content creation where possible

Sample Campaigns

Ziptrek Eco Tours

Whistler, BC

We worked with Ziptrek Eco Tours under snowy skies in beautiful Whistler to promote their Ziplinning adventures. We focused on the multigenerational adventure aspect, taking both my seven-year-old daughter and sixty-year-old mom along for the tour with us. What resulted was amazing social media, with the picture of my mom sailing through the sky, is one of our top posts for the year! This combined with a strong article and great social media led to a high-quality campaign that delivered!

Jasper Raft Tours

Jasper, AB

When Jasper Raft Tours heard we were coming to town they welcomed us with open arms and invited us to check out both their Family Friendly float as well as their family river rafting adventure! This story was an easy one to produce as there was so much amazing content as we were taking part in an amazing adventure surrounded by national geographic worthy imagery!

Ultimate Family Eco-Tour

Kauai, HI, USA

A trip to Kauai wouldn’t be complete without taking a tour via inner tube! We joined Kauai Backcountry Adventures for a four-hour tour through the old irrigation channels of Kauai. This tour was a perfect multi-generational adventure and made for a great story and supported social.

Firing off a Cannon

Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

We partnered with Parks Canada on a celebration of Canada’s 150th with a tour across Eastern Canada all while staying in National Parks. For Canada Day we were welcomed into the Fortress of Louisbourg where I was honoured with the privilege of shooting off a cannon, the first canon of the year and in celebration of Canada Day! This was a small story within a 16 day, 16 article social media and online campaign.

What Others Are Saying

  • "Hi Jami, that's wonderful news! Thanks so much for sharing; I've sent your article along to Hotel Zed as well and they love it! Please let us know when you're next in Victoria, we'd be happy to help. Thanks! Katie"    

    Katie Dabbs, Media Relations Coordinator, Tourism Victoria
  • "Jami was one of the first bloggers that we had chosen to partner with for our "Coastal Christmas" festivities – she set the bar so high for everyone who came after her! Her email communication leading up to the visit was thorough, and we easily agreed on the details of what was expected after she and the family spent the weekend with us. Jami was prompt on the delivery of the posts, and did a great job at documenting the experience in real-time on her social media accounts. She has continued to be an essential ambassador for our destination and we are thrilled with the work she has done."

    Amanda Hubik, Marketing & Promotions Director, Anacortes Chamber of Commerce

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