Big Bus Tour London – On Board and Chuffed to Bits!

Driving around Trafalgar square on our Big Bus Tour London, my 8-year-old’s face pushed up against the side of the seat while my 10-year old tried to hold the camera steady, for “just one more photo”. One row ahead a similar scene was playing out with my kid's grandparents both squishing in together and [...]

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How To Plan a Multi-Generational Genealogical Tour

I paused every time I heard the church bells at St John The Baptist Church ring. Laying in the comfort and luxury of my king size hotel bed I knew that the bells had been ringing long before this hotel had been around. That those bells signified a rich history with many years and hundreds [...]

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10 Things To Do in London With Kids

There is no shortage of things to do in London with kids, a city vibrant with indoor and outdoor activities and places to explore that will entertain all ages! The biggest challenge you'll probably find is not having enough time to see all the attractions and wanting to book your next trip back to [...]

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