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Do you have an adventurous spirit and wonder if the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the right vehicle for your lifestyle? 

This January I was sent on assignment to Whistler, BC, where winter was in full force and lots of adventures were waiting to be explored. We were test-driving a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV GT Premium S-AWC for our action-packed weekend, and wow did it ever deliver! This fully equipped SUV was able to keep up with our adventurous lifestyle and even had a glamorous camping kit that took our outdoor experience to a new level. 

I am excited to share my candid review of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and share insights on what you can expect if you are looking to purchase your adventure SUV companion.

Eco-Friendly Adventures With The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

woman stands in the open door of a white mitsubishi outlander phev, mountains and the ocean are behind her

As a passionate environmentalist, I’m always seeking greener solutions to how we adventure. When Mitsubishi invited me to check out their new PHEV, I was very excited to explore the new technology and take it out onto some of our best Canadian winter terrain for a test drive. 

What does PHEV stand for?

woman wearing a blue coat and yellow toque is plugging in a white electric SUV in an underground parking garage

My first question when I arrived at the dealership was, “What does PHEV stand for?” PHEV is short for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The Outlander PHEV is the best-selling plug-in hybrid electric SUV in Canada, and perfect for longer adventures as it is a hybrid model. EV (electric vehicle) mode allows you to do your daily in-town commuting as an electric vehicle. But when you are ready to hit the open road, the gas engine kicks in and you can head up to iconic destinations like Whistler for a weekend adventure. The beauty of a PHEV over a fully-electric BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) is that is allows you to not have to worry about planning a route based on charging stops or worry about not being able to charge and being left stranded. 

This combination of EV and gas model balances the benefits of an electric vehicle with the practicality of a gas vehicle. I know that in my home we have one all-electric vehicle but also still have a gas vehicle for longer road trips and mountain-based adventures. The Outlander checks both EV and long-range boxes (and makes my eco-centric heart swoon) allowing us to be eco-friendly as well as explore without worry. 

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review

a white mitsubishi outlander phev is parked in the snow, snow covered trees are behind it

I am excited to share my candid review of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, from the perspective of an outdoor adventurer and family. When the vehicle first drove around the corner we were impressed with the sporty look and many people who follow us on social have commented on how cool it looks.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Specs

a close up photo of the headlight on a mitsubishi outlander phev

This Outlander GT Premium is designed to stand out from other SUVs with bold front facia, sculpted body character lines, a chiseled rear tailgate, and horizontal taillights. Our Outlander was fitted with an additional $12,000 in accessories such as the Falken Wildpeak AT winter-rated tires, Nomad Kitchen Co. camping kitchen in the back, along with the Thule accessories and camping equipment. The Outlander shone in the sun and was ready to transition from the city to the slopes in search of weekend adventure.

inside view of the front seats, dashboard and steering wheel of a mitsubishi outlander phev

Once we had the keys in our hands, we got to take a tour of the inside of the SUV that would be our adventure buddy for the weekend. The luxurious interior instantly popped out, showcasing two-toned, semi-aniline leather-appointed seats with heat and massage function (yes, massage!) and a heated steering wheel, all of which came in handy on our cold days in Whistler.

close up view along the side of a white vehicle

As someone who drives an older vehicle, I was blown away by all of the new safety features and technology that the new 2024 Outlander PHEV showcased including lane departure assist, blind spot monitoring, 12.3” digital driver display (including speed, navigation, safety data, S-AWC settings, battery state-of-charge, total range, EV modes, and more). The smartphone integration function was neat to see as it allowed you to remotely connect to the car and do things like lock or unlock your doors, warm up or cool down the cabin, or even find your vehicle in a parking lot (which let’s be honest, I’ve lost my car more than once!). 

Overall the Outlander PHEV has a luxury feel without the luxury price tag and I was impressed with the look and feel of the SUV. And it only got better once we hit the road! 

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Electric Range

a white SUV with a woman in the drivers seat and snowboards on a roof rack, sits parked at an electric car charging station

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV offers a fully electric range of 61 kilometres for a full charge of its 20kw battery, and after you’ve used up that charge it switches to gas mode. There are four ways to charge the PHEV that include: 

  • A Level 1 Charger (standard 110v outlet at home) – approx. 24 hours to charge.  
  • A Level 2 Charger (240V outlet) at home or a public charging station – approx. 6-8 hours to charge. 
  • A Level 3 Fast Charger at a public charging station – approx. 40 minutes to charge. 
  • By driving the car in “Charge Mode,” which was my favourite. When we were driving down the Sea to Sky Highway, we were generating more power than we were using so we charged the vehicle as we drove.

Outlander PHEV Snow Mode

front face view of a mitsubishi outlander phev, it is mostly dark, snow is falling and the headlights are shining at the camera

Our adventures were focused around the Whistler area, taking us up the world-famous Sea to Sky Highway, through the snowy roads in Whistler, and up Callaghan Valley to Whistler Olympic Park.  When we were on snowy roads, we were able to turn a dial on the dash to “snow mode” allowing the vehicle to showcase Mitsubishi’s legendary Super All-Wheel Control system, which gave me confidence as a driver and smooth handling while navigating snowy roads. 

What is Mitsubishi Motor’s Super All-Wheel Control?

I feel like an expert now that I’ve had a few days driving with the S-AWC system. The difference from other vehicles is that the Super All-Wheel Control drive system uses real-time data from sensors, integrating the information and sending it to each wheel, all the time, all while using the PHEV’s electric motors. Simply put it does the multitasking for the driver making for smoother handling, superior traction, and a more comfortable ride no matter what the terrain is. 

This was especially comforting when we woke up to a -21C day. Knowing that I was driving a safe vehicle that would assist with the road conditions, I felt more confident using snow mode. I found an empty parking lot to test it out and was impressed with how it handled in the snow and the traction and control it gave me as a driver.

Mitsubishi Outlander Weekend Camper Edition

a woman dressed in warm snow gear stands at the back of a mitsubishi outlander phev, its nomad camp kitchen is slid out and she is cooking

While this car had innovative technology, incredible road handling, and looked like a new model on a catwalk, what won over my heart was how they had converted the 3rd-row seats into a full kitchen for the Weekend Camper. As a camper and lover of all adventures outdoors, I was so excited to set up the winter kitchen in the snow and start cooking for me and my friends. Here are some of the highlights: 

Nomad Kitchen Co. – Outdoor Kitchen

The Nomad Kitchen Co. is a California-based family-run company that makes custom kitchens to go in the back of SUVs, trucks, and even passenger cars. Our Outlander PHEV was fitted with a three-drawer system that when parked, pulled out to create a two-person outdoor kitchenette. The kitchen included a fridge, stove, kettle, sink (with drying rack), and fully stocked drawer that had cutlery, cooking utensils, plates, pots, and pans, as well as gas for the camp stove. 

close up of the hands of a person while they arrange meat and crackers on a cutting board

We set up our nomad kitchen table and enjoyed a charcuterie board in the snow. While we went relatively simple for our first outdoor kitchen adventure I could see how you could take your outdoor cooking game to a whole new level. I easily envision making things like bacon and eggs for breakfasts, hot dogs or grilled cheeses for lunch, and hearty family-style meals for dinner like spaghetti and tacos.

a small camp table sits in the snow, atop it is a charcuterie board of meat, cracker and fruit. a plate, bowl of grapes and mugs are also on the table.

Kitchen with Power

a woman stands at the back of an open mitsubishi outlander phev in the snow

One of the unexpected additions to the kitchen was a built-in 110-volt outlet (which is powered by a 1500-watt inverter) allowing us to plug in a kettle and boil up some hot water for toasty drinks to go along with our charcuterie board.

Ways To Use The Mitsubishi Outlander Weekend Camper

a woman carrying a snowboard under her arm, walks towards a mitsubishi outlander phev that has a roof rack

While we were set to adventure in the snow, I could easily envision heading out on many different adventures with this fully kitted-out vehicle. I could see using this SUV to go: 

  • Apres Ski / Snowboard 
  • Camping – perfect for road trips and eating on the run.
  • Baseball Games – to feed the team in between events.
  • Tailgate Gatherings – to fuel up before or after a hike.
  • Road Trips – with less set up and tear down than a traditional campsite.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price

a mitsubishi outlander phev sits parked in front of a snow bank, large snow covered trees are behind it

The base model for the 2024 Outlander starts at $48,198. However, if you would like to have the PHEV GT Premium S-AWC pricing starts at $58,198. Please note, that the “Weekend Camper” edition that we experienced and have showcased here also includes additional aftermarket components including a Thule ski/snowboard rack, a 6’ retractable awning, as well as a Nomad Kitchen outfit from a family-run business out of Alameda, California. These after-market parts were purchased and installed at the local Mitsubishi Dealership (one important note is anytime you’re adding aftermarket parts like this, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for weight limits and mounting instructions). I love how the Mitsubishi website has a Build & Price option on their website, so you can customize an Outlander to fit your needs!

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Summary

a woman packing up and storing camping gear in the back of an open mitsubishi outlander phev

When I returned to the office after our big adventure with the Outlander PHEV, my team asked me if I’d ever purchase this vehicle for myself and the easy answer was yes! (and to be transparent, if the answer was no I wouldn’t agree to write an article about it!). I loved the technology, luxurious finishes, safety, and things like the Super All-Wheel Control (that I never knew existed and now I want in my life). My only challenge would be that I like to pack a lot of stuff, either when heading to the mountains or going camping, so I could see adding a Thule roof storage box for the extra gear if I was traveling with our family of four.

Learn More About The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

woman stands next to a mitsubishi outlander phev, the back hatch is open, showing the inside kitchen, car is parked in the snow in front of trees

If you’re in the market for an adventure SUV I recommend heading over to Mitsubishi’s website at www.mitsubishi-motors.ca. If you’re based in Vancouver or Calgary and want to see the Outlander PHEV Weekend Camper in person, you can head over to the Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show in Vancouver on March 2-3, 2024 or in Calgary on March 16-17, 2024.

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