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I’m a Family Travel Writer based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC. Our family adventures take take us all over BC, Alberta and the Pacific Northwest. You'll regularly see us hiking, biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and camping our way around the province. Our passion is recreation and our mission is to explore and protect this beautiful earth of ours.
Living life to the fullest, one adventure at a time!

5 Packing Tips for Unpredictable Weather

Credit: Gabriela Palai Via Pexels The weather in BC is notoriously fickle. It isn’t uncommon to overhear Vancouverites argue over the best weather app to use, as some apps are woefully inadequate at predicting when that sunny day on a brewery patio will turn into a soggy, rainy affair. And it isn’t just [...]

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Best New Summer Family Friendly Adventures In Banff Through Innovation And Action

Since the first hikers donned their boots and scaled the iconic mountainsides, Banff has been known as a place to seek world-class adventures for people of all ages. Parents recognize the majestic beauty of Banff National Park and book family vacations so they can introduce their children to this iconic region. Whether you’re looking [...]

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How to Discover The Best Family Friendly Resort In Banff

If you’re looking for How to Discover The Best Family Friendly Resort In Banff, search no more. We’re excited to introduce you to Tunnel Mountain Resort!  We should have known that something was going to be different when she handed us a bundle of kindling for our condo.  Any expectations we had made about [...]

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Proudly Paddling The Pristine – Your Ultimate Guide to Family Canoeing On Lake Louise

Without hesitation I found myself singing “O Canada” at the top of my lungs at 8:30 in the morning in the middle of family canoeing on Lake Louise. The bright turquoise blue water stood a stark contrast off the red canoes that dotted the horizon as we paddled towards the Victoria Glacier. My little [...]

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Indigenous Inspiration Through Storytelling On Our Banff Plant Medicine Walk

“This is the only part of the walk that we ask you not to take photos”. And with that, our guide placed a gift of tobacco down on the trailhead. A quiet ceremonial moment to thank the land for what it has given us and for letting us visit and explore it today, and [...]

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Picturesque Banff Luxury Picnic with the Banff Graze Co.

With the sweetest little four-month-old on her hip, Banff Graze Co’s owner Salina met us at Cascade Ponds and invited us to experience what would be the most luxurious picnic we had ever sat down to. The combination of delectable food with plush luxurious decor, surrounded by cascading mountains lake made for a Pinterest [...]

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Pioneering Pedals – The Best Family Mountain Bike Tour In Banff

As we toppled on what felt like the edge of the world on our family mountain bike tour in Banff, my daughter asked “Is this why you love mountain biking so much?”. Yes dear… you’re starting to get it.  I quickly explained that I love mountain biking because there are so many incredible places [...]

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Raising Little Hikers With The Best Family Hiking Guide In Banff

If you’re looking for the best family hiking guide in Banff my children will tell you that “Sam is the man!” Unequivocally the best guide we’ve ever had (of over 300 adventures) Sam and the Banff Hiking Company provided us with a family hike that was educational, entertaining, engaging, and fun. [...]

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Dawning Of New Days And Downward Dogs With Banff Family Sunrise Yoga

“Drishti, or focused gaze, is a means for developing concentrated intention. It relates to the fifth limb of yoga concerning sense withdrawal, as well as the sixth limb Dharana relating to concentration.” As we settled into our yoga mats at Banff Yoga Practice we were invited to find our Drishti, and while this term [...]

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