Adventure Awaits: How to Actually Save Up for the Ultimate Family Vacation

With most family vacations on the back burner right now, this may be the perfect time to start putting money aside for your family’s big dream trip. Whether it’s an arctic adventure chasing Northern lights in Iceland, an ancestry tour to explore your family roots in Ireland, or a beach immersed expedition hanging with [...]

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Things to do in Cabo with Kids

Los Cabos is a playground for sunseekers, nature lovers, and tourists in general – but are there things to do in Cabo with kids? Absolutely! From once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventures to cultural experiences to just laying by the pool, Los Cabos is a sun destination your whole family can enjoy. Here are some amazing activities [...]

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San Jose del Cabo Walking Tour – Gallery District

Near the end of our San Jose del Cabo walking tour of the Gallery District, our host, gallery owner Patricia Mendoza, took us to Frank Arnold's gallery. Frank graciously invited us through his stunning front display room and into his studio at the back. Painted canvasses, stacked side by side like a cheese and [...]

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Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico

When researching this trip, I typed: Swim with Whale Sharks Cabo into the search engine. A number of tour operators popped up, including Cabo Adventures, the one I would be using. I ignored them and clicked the videos tab. I wanted to see what whale sharks were like. Now, on the other side of [...]

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Cooking Classes in San Jose del Cabo

We were supposed to be heading to cooking classes in San Jose del Cabo. The twisting road led past twenty-foot-high clumps of Mexican weeping bamboo and down onto the dusty bottom of a wide, dried up river bed. I began to wonder if Edgar, our excellent driver, had finally made a wrong turn. But [...]

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Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos Reviews

I’m going to start my Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos reviews at the end. It was my last morning in Los Cabos and I walked into the brilliant, sun-kissed lobby to check out. As usual, my gaze was drawn to the floor to ceiling window and the deep blue ocean view beyond. Suddenly, [...]

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Jazamango in Todos Santos

Our guide, a local farm hand on the on-site farm at Jazamango Todos Santos, didn’t speak English. Luckily, we had a translator. We wound our way along rows of herbs and vegetables, while our guide talked nearly non-stop. After a couple of minutes of Spanish, our translator would translate, usually in a single sentence. [...]

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Day Trip to Todos Santos

On my day trip to Todos Santos, I entered Kersten Kiehnle Mutzenbecher’s shop, just off the main tourist street, and fell into a cornucopia of oddities. Painted metal figures of animals and people, their skull faces smiling happily, stared from the walls. The flaked paint and rust on many showed their age. Every available [...]

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