Earning Laugh Lines at Long Beach Lodge

[vc_row]“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” - Unknown Some may know them as smile lines. Other, more pessimistic folks may refer to them as wrinkles. Regardless, as I sit here scrolling through the wonderful collage of photos we took throughout our weekend at Long Beach Lodge Resort, I’m suddenly very [...]

Long Beach Lodge: The Best Family-Friendly Resort in Tofino

[vc_row]Nestled on the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island, Tofino has long been known as one of Canada’s premier year-round resort destinations. And having just spent an amazing long weekend there with my family, it’s clear as to how this sleepy town got such a reputation…it truly does have something for everyone! However, for all there [...]

Surf’s Up at the Surf Club Adventure Centre

[vc_row]You’ve certainly heard of “ski-in/ski-out”, but have you ever heard of surf-in/surf-out? I hadn’t. That is, until our time at the Long Beach Lodge in Tofino. Tucked right next to the hotel, directly on the shores of the Cox Bay Beach, lies Long Beach Lodge’s Surf Club Adventure Centre – one of the most incredible [...]

Touring Tofino: Marine Adventures with Captain Josh

[vc_row]Nestled right on edge of the Pacific, no trip to Tofino would be complete without an adventure out on the water. Thankfully, one of the many benefits of staying at the Long Beach Lodge Resort is that the property has its own boat available for guided tours! Usually, resorts like these will outsource their guided [...]

Hot Springs, Hiking, and Humpbacks in Tofino

If there ever was an adventure that felt like it was designed just for me, this was it. A morning on the ocean, a hike to a hot spring, and an afternoon watching humpbacks, all in one day... can a visit on the West Coast get any better than this? Ocean Outfitters is a tour [...]

Surfs Up with Tofino Surf School

Biting her lip my 9-year-old daughter waded out into the water right by her instructor's side. She was 50% excited and 50% nervous, so trying to hold an anxious smile was difficult which resulted in the lip biting. She had been asking to go surfing for a long time and the day was finally here. [...]

Vancouver Island Road Trip

Tofino had been on our family bucket list for longer than I can recall. A destination that everyone swooned about but yet never materialized to earning a spot on the annual calendar for a trip. So this year, when a friend asked, "Wanna come?" we jumped on the chance and made our reservations as soon [...]

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