Adventure Awaits: How to Actually Save Up for the Ultimate Family Vacation

With most family vacations on the back burner right now, this may be the perfect time to start putting money aside for your family’s big dream trip. Whether it’s an arctic adventure chasing Northern lights in Iceland, an ancestry tour to explore your family roots in Ireland, or a beach immersed expedition hanging with [...]

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Your Step By Step Guide For Travelling To The United States By Car

20 months after the closing of the borders the Canadian government finally removed the ridiculous Covid testing requirement for trips under 72 hours. (I say ridiculous because you could get a test in Canada, travel to the United States for 3 days doing whatever you wanted, and cross back on the same test… made [...]

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9 Fun Fall Family Day Trips Around Vancouver To Embrace The Changing Seasons

Whether you’re looking for a weekend adventure or have family visiting and want to explore we’ve got your complete list of Fall Family Day Trips Around Vancouver for you! From wading through cranberries in historic Fort Langley to hiking up Minnekhada to check out the changing views in the valley, to heading to VanDusen [...]

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The Best Women’s Mountain Bike Camp at SilverStar Mountain Resort

7. Seven. Siete. That’s how long it took for me to finally get to experience the best women's mountain bike camp at SilverStar Mountain Resort. As a Mudbunny, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things and have always wanted to attend this woman's only “mountain biking class/party/reunion" but the timing never aligned… but this year [...]

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10 Adventurous Activities To Do With Family And Friends In Calgary

Cousins…some of the best summer memories are those made with your cousins. Especially when you get to hit the road for a family road trip, destination: Aunty and Uncle’s house! As a Westcoaster, my holidays were often spent driving through the Rockies back to Alberta to visit my 6 cousins. As the youngest I [...]

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4 Adrenaline Infused Summer Family Adventures at WinSport Calgary

Eyes darting back and forth my kids competed for air space as they filled up with excitement pointing out movie scenes from Olympics of days gone by. “That’s where Eddie The Eagle flew” and “Over there… that’s where the Jamaican bobsled team took off” (which of course only resulted in us all singing the [...]

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A Library With a Legacy – Calgary Central Library Showcases An Evolutionary Experience

Pointing at the sign my children were quick to notice the strict rules that were being broken “Teen Centre 13 - 18 years ONLY." The excitement that there was an age restriction for parents thrilled them and they quickly enforced the library rules, modeling behaviour they have been taught for so many years. Once [...]

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Top 10 Family Friendly Activities at the TELUS Spark Science Centre

“Magic is simple science waiting to be discovered!” - TELUS Spark.  Here’s how to explore the family friendly activities at the TELUS Spark Science Centre in Calgary with your family and friends!  As quickly as they could they gathered up their safety glasses and workers gloves and started to “learn with their hands” in [...]

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Best New Summer Family Friendly Adventures In Banff Through Innovation And Action

Since the first hikers donned their boots and scaled the iconic mountainsides, Banff has been known as a place to seek world-class adventures for people of all ages. Parents recognize the majestic beauty of Banff National Park and book family vacations so they can introduce their children to this iconic region. Whether you’re looking [...]

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How to Discover The Best Family Friendly Resort In Banff

If you’re looking for How to Discover The Best Family Friendly Resort In Banff, search no more. We’re excited to introduce you to Tunnel Mountain Resort!  We should have known that something was going to be different when she handed us a bundle of kindling for our condo.  Any expectations we had made about [...]

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